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Makeup Review: Coastal Scents Palettes

By February 2, 2011Review, Uncatagorized

Coastal Scents 88 Colour Make-Up Palette

I have ALOT of MAC Make-up in my kit, a total of four palettes with 12 pans in each, that works out at 48 colours and that doesn’t include my pigments, other branded palettes and glitters.

However I do find that occasionally these colours are not enough especially when I am doing creative photoshoots. It is for that reason that I keep a coastal scents eyeshadow palette in my kit at all times.

There are no less than 88 colours in this nifty palette! It is a super thin, lightweight palette that does not take up that much space in your kit especially considering how many colours are in it. The actual eyeshadows have a good pigment, but it varies from colour to colour. I do think you have to be a bit more cautious when applying this eyeshadow as there is quite alot of fall out. To get around this I usually apply my eyeshadow first and clean up under the eyes before applying the concealer and eyeshadow.

Website Shop: 7/10
Product Cost: 10/10
Shipping Costs: 8/10
Product Quality: 6/10

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