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Hello my fellow beauty babes!

I regularly get requests from followers to do a series of blogs/tutorials on iconic make up looks. With Halloween ahead I thought this could be helpful for recreating some vintage looks. There can be a lot of confusion over the different eras so I have decided it was time to distinguish between them and share how I achieve them, some of which are my favourite and the most glamorous of eras. Who better to start this series with the none other than the iconic Marylin Monroe. 

Marilyn Monroe’s makeup has been the epitome of Glamour girl makeup since the 1950s and one of the most recreated makeup looks across generations. Marilyn’s skin always looked flawless. It is said that she used Vaseline under her makeup but that isn’t the most durable of bases so instead use a makeup base primer to smooth out flaws and to ensure your makeup stays looking fresh.

Flawless Base
A sculpted face is key to a 1950’s makeup look so I decided to sculpt the face with full coverage foundations to accentuate cheekbones, jawline, and to narrow the nose. Next conceal undereyes and imperfections. I like to use Clarins Instant Concealer as it is my new favourite product! You can see my review previously here. Sweep a very light amount of translucent powder over your face once the base is complete, I adore Paul & Joe’s Loose Powder, it’s giant powder puff reminds me of a bye gone era.

Get the Look - 1950s Middle

Sultry Eyes
Marilyn’s eyeshadow was very subtle but an integral part in that beautiful bedroom eye. To create an even base and prime the eye I applied MAC Painterly over the whole eye area and followed this with MAC Brule as the base eyeshadow. Cut the crease with a taupe colour like MAC Omega, then add MAC’s Kid for intensity. TIP* Always cut the crease when your eye is open. You should be able to see the cut crease when your eye is open and if you do this with the eye closed very often it will be too low. Add a highlighter to the the brow bone, above the brow, and in the corner of the eye I went for MAC’s Dazzlelight.

Her eyeliner was always flicked out, but not obviously so. Starting from 1/3 of the way across use a black or brown liner like BUFF Gel Liner to sweep at the top of lash line and carry out and upward with a very slight flick. Marilyn always used strip lashes for full on glamour. I recommend any Eyelure Eyelashes as they are well made and curved nicely for easy application. I cut half of the lashes off and only applied them to the outer edge of the eye with my favoured Duo Glue. Once the lashes are secure curl them along with your own lashes and apply mascara to hold.

Marilyn’s waterline was always lined with a white Kohl pencil — making the eye appear larger and wider. I personally am a huge fan of it and it always works really beautifully with bridal makeup. For those of you unsure about white eyeliner try a cream colour on waterline instead for a similar effect, I promise you it makes a surprising change! – eye opening if you will…. ahem….. 🙂

For the brows, use a light brown eyebrow pencil, making small feathered strokes, extending the length, she had beautifully groomed and full lashes.

Kissable Lips
As with any red lip, lipliner is imperative and  is applied first to accentuate lips and prevent lipstick from bleeding. I went slightly over the natural lipline to create a fuller lip, especially on the top lip. Marilyn’s lipstick was a mixture of two or more shades with a deep red at the sides of the lip and gradually getting lighter toward the centre. This creates the illusion of a plump lip. To finish off I highlighted the cupids bow with a highlighting eye pencil from the Body Shop that I love!

Get the Look - 1950s Bottom


It’s a simple enough look to recreate but is full of hidden tricks to create that flawless yet structured look! I hope I have given you a good insight. However if you still have questions let me know in the comments below.

Next week I am thinking about doing a 1920’s tutorial, but feel free to send in any pictures or looks that you would like me to try!

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