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Make-Up Photoshoot with Model Alexis Cavanagh

Alexis is a fantastic model who I worked with in Melbourne Australia. We wanted to use the city as a backdrop to the shoot and I think it worked really well. This is a gorgeous beauty shot.

Alexis Model from Canada

Alexis was fantastic to work with and she really was a trooper! We were asking her to do the impossible, to look gorgeous while staring directly at the sun. People always look nice with the sun shining on them, but unfortunately it isn’t so nice for the eyes.

Alexis Melbourne2

She is from Edmonton in Canada and does mainly promotional/commercial work. If you would like to get in contact with her for a booking go to:


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  • Alexis Cavanagh says:

    It was also just a pleasure to work with such a creative, flexible and warm girl. Emma had a vision to utilize our magnificent city of Melbourne we were living in and turn it into a creative photo-shoot that included people from all over the world. We have come together through the website couchsurfing, a great medium to use for connecting fellow travelers which is typically used for staying the night at locals places, however it can be used for so much more than that, including a photo shoot!
    I wish Emma the best of luck in the future and would recommend her to anyone!

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