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Madonna self titled album

My first album was Madonna’s self titled album.  I had it on tape, a black tape!
That was the beginning of my obsession with all things Madonna, she completely fascinated me, she was the master of her image and she’s has had many. Her intelligence and musicality, abilities as an artist have sometimes been forgotten, not recognised or appreciated because of that same image. Except to those who have worked with her or been a fan of her art.

When it came to her style & music videos and various incarnations, she was a trailblazer, experimenting, reinventing and playing with her masculinity, femininity, hardness, softness, pushing boundaries, endeavouring to make you think!

In the early days, the eighties, she was styled by Maripol, her friend & actress Debi Mazar did her make-up, her brother Christopher was one of her backup dancers. First of her many iconic looks, thick eyebrows, lots of eyeliner, punk hair and trademark naturally bow shaped lip.  New York street style.

madonna-street style

The Who’s that girl tour & Sean Penn era Madonna wore bleached white blonde hair, thick strong dark eyebrows, dark red matt lip( somthing like MAC Russian Red), lots of mascara & that beauty spot, I think I drew that beauty spot on three consecutive Halloween nights!

The Blonde Ambition Tour caused controversy. Costumes were designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, that infamous cone bra. Voguing! Madonna trained as a dancer, Voguing was a style of dance she brought to mainstream attention in the nineties. Signature red lips, brows shaped, keeping  pale skin. A more sophisticated look below from the Vogue music video

madonna vogue

In The Girlie Show Tour era, she experimented with bleaching out brows, adding gloss to lips,  a modern twist on at 1920’s makeup.



Dark hair & a Geisha inspired make-up look for her music video, ‘Nothing really matters’
I could go on, there are so many looks to choose from and many female artist have emulated her style over the years. I hope you like the step back in time!

More recently make-up artist Sammy Mourabit did her makeup for V magazine with Katie Perry.  Keeping her signature pale skin and red lip with a vintage twist.

These days,  she is still touring, involved in the arts,  divides opinion, creates controversy, there aren’t many female pop artists of her era that can do the same.

Lisa Signature


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