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LOrealHow else to congratulate our wonderful Emma on getting through to the London segment of the L’Oreal Brush Contest than to take a look back in time at the company. From founder to their enthusiasm  for their values.

Travelling back to 1909 I bet you would never think of L’Oreal, you would probably think black and white photos, and petticoats (and probably AHHHH no internet how would I live:)). Who would have thought this was when a young chemist founded what would become the L’Oreal group.

Throughout the years as the company grew so did their principles and values for what the company would stand for.


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Transparency

All these principles relate to how the company keep building and maintaining trust and relationships with their customers.

6 Founding Values;

  1. Passion- for the business and what it can bring to the customers
  2. Innovation- “beauty is an endless quest”
  3. Entrepreneurial spirit- evolving the business with new ideas
  4. Open mindedness- making sure that they listen and understand the consumers needs and wants.
  5. Quest for excellence- striving for perfection
  6. Responsibility- to the consumers


As L’Oreal are a worldwide company they have a lot of ambition to meet the needs of every consumer according to his/her habits and lifestyle. Taking into account location and the needs of the consumers. Tying in with making sure they know the needs for all consumers around the world L’Oreal draws inspiration from a lot of beauty rituals worldwide.Every year (which is a lot of years) L’Oreal take steps to improve the company making sure that the best in beauty is available to everyone.

And of course not forgetting some stunning woman such as Cheryl Fernandez Versini (Cole), Gwen Stefani, and Eva Longoria heading their amazing add campaigns and helping remind us that “were worth it”

With a wide range in hair care, skincare and makeup in a wide range in shades and coverage available at affordable prices there is no wonder that they have been around for such a long time! 🙂  

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