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A Long Lasting Nail Polish Tutorial

Essence and Paese TutorialI’m a big fan of nail varnishes and like to keep them painted at all times. I do get frustrated though with most varnishes as they have a tendency to chip quite easily. When shellac first came in, I was delighted! Finally a nail varnish that would last. Of course there were some down sides to this, the expense, as well as having to book a salon in advance! Then came along Red Carpet Nails, a fantastic do it at home kit which Emma reviewed already here, but it was still a tad on the expensive side. Well finally there is an at-home solution for us girls on a budget! Thanks Essence!

I have put together a little tutorial for you, so you can see how easy it is to do!

STEP ONE: File and shape your nails. Push back the cuticles, then remove excess oils from your nails with Cleanser

STEP TWO: Apply Primer to prepare your nails for the application

STEP THREE: Apply Peel It Off nail base on the nails.

STEP FOUR Cure it under an UV lamp for 60 seconds, then remove sticky residue with Cleanser.

STEP FIVE: Apply a nail polish of your choiceOf course they recommend to use Essence nail polishes but any polish will do. This time I used a vibrant pink Paese Summer Collection Nail Varnish in No.15 which you can now purchase at DolledUp.ie, one of Ireland’s leading online retailers for beauty products. You need to make sure that the nail is fully dried before the next step

STEP SIX: Apply Transparent Top Coat and cure it under an UV lamp for 60 seconds

STEP SEVEN: Remove sticky residue with Cleanser

Essence claims that your manicure will last for an ambitious 10 days., but I was lucky to get 5/6 days from mine. They began to wear on the tip and were peeling back slightly. I could have been neater with my application, so perhaps this is why I found they wore so quickly. When the nails begin to loose their salon perfect look you can simply just peel them off in turn causing far less damage that the likes of shellac or gel nails. The only disadvantage of this technology is that you are thus 100% more likely to pick at them and peel them.

All in all I would definitely recommend this kit, granted it didn’t have the have the staying power as advertised however with practice and better application I think you could master it and extend the time you’ll get out of them! It’s equal to the price of one trip to the salon with the benefit of multiple applications and minus the damage! There was no chipping on my nails at all so once you master a thin and even application there’ll be no turning back!

The kit is now available on all essence stands and it also works with any essence colour & go nail polish, so you can choose between a natural nail or a pop of colour. Their Starter Kit €12.99, exclusive to Penneys nationwide. The Paese Nail Varnish is a bargain €4.99 and available at DolledUp.ie

Have you tried any at home gel kits yet? Let me know what you think!
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