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I want tickets!! Electric Picnic

By July 17, 2009Music

Seriously!! Wish that somebody could give me some tickets to Electric Picnic!! I will do your make-up for free 🙂

Some of my favourite bands will be there!


Flaming Lips:

Haha! Love the costumes in that video.Especially the froggy thing..?! It would be so cool to have my own bubble that I could walk all over people in! Just as well the wind didn’t pick up and blow him away…wouldn’t have been able to finish the song, now that would be a tragedy. The hand puppet is the cherry on the already wonderfully weird ice cream sunday. Man I wanna see this LIVE! It has it all!

Anyway…I am gonna stop talking about this now, it’s making me sad.

Or perhaps that is what credit cards are for. Watch this space.

Laters xx

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