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How to Perfect your Pedicure

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Did you know that one quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet…. I know right?! 🙂

I have some of the worst feet out there. Not only are the toes exceptionally long, but they’ve been so roughed up over the years. From walking barefoot to 5 inch heels they’ve taken a bashing and as a result every year I dread sandal season. As much as I enjoy getting them out there in the air, there is nothing dainty or pretty about them so I figured this year things needed to change! About a month ago I started a simple footcare regime and I haven’t looked back. OK they aren’t foot model material but I’m a lot less embarrassed and less likely to recoil when peoples eyes look down to appreciate my strappy sandal. Here’s a few simple steps to keep those plates of meat in tip top shape.

Soak your feet in a basin or the bath. Put a few dabs of your  favorite bath oil and two dabs of baking soda. Soak your feet for at least 15 minutes, preferably longer. This will clean and soften your feet (and it is especially useful for softening calluses and corns).

Dry your feet off and then use a pumice stone. This will help you smooth out those cracked heels.

Apply a thick and moisturising foot lotion.

Now it is time to deal with your toenails. Use a nail file to shape your toenails. Make sure, not to completely round off and shorten the corners of your toenails, this can lead to an ingrown toenail (this may be from experience :/ …..gross) Rather, try to square off your toenails. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TOENAILS LONG…not a good look.

Use a cuticle stick or cuticle cutters to minimise your cuticles. Be gentle as you do not want to cause in bleeding….again I may have had a ‘friend’ who did this and it was highly uncomfortable….for ‘her’. Ahem.

Now you’re pretty ready to paint them. Apply a base coat, top with a colour – two coats are advisable for a longer lasting finish. I’m a huge fan of any of rimmels range. They are fast drying and have some wonderful colours. I’d also recommend H&M’s range and I know a top Dublin salon is a supporter too! Top it all off with a clear top coat to finish.

Do this once or twice a week and those toes will be the envy of foot models far and wide 🙂

After all this work you should be feeling foot confident so why not treat yourself to a pedicure?! You deserve it! If you’re embarrassed to have someone else see your feet at such close quarters – do not worry, you can take comfort in knowing that they have seen feet worse than yours. Maybe I’ve been to visit them? 🙂

Can you recommend anywhere for a pedicure or have any tips of your own please let us know!

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