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How to improve your mood after a Bank Holiday

By August 5, 2014Uncatagorized

How to improve your mood

So it’s Tuesday not just any Tuesday….the Tuesday following a Bank Holiday weekend…. eeeeeekkkkk :/

We are meant to be saving and dieting for that forthcoming holiday but unfortunately the sun came out and we may have over indulged a little at the weekend. However it wasn’t just any weekend….it was a Bank Holiday weekend. One full of prosecco, Bulmers (for some) , beer gardens, late night food and receipts for a round of cocktails that you definitely couldn’t afford. Sound all too familiar? In an attempt to be prepared for the inevitable rethink of priorities while aimlessly scrolling down your FB newsfeed or on the bus  this Tuesday I’ve tried to put together a little list of some scientifically proven methods to cushion the blow… you’re welcome.

First up

No need to put on your yoga pants but just a few easy moves will do. Stretch your arms overhead. Raise and lower your shoulders a couple of times. Stretch your legs as you lean your torso against a wall. Be gentle, so you don’t overdo it.  Stretching can help improve your circulation and flexibility, and may help ease the tight muscles that come with stress.

Boom… First mission complete


Meditate Not many people know this about me but I like to meditate most mornings. It clears the head and allows you to get your thoughts together for the day, starting your day on a calm and positive note. For anyone who doesn’t believe me try out a free 21 day trial here with Oprah and Deepak Chopra I’m telling you – you won’t look back!

Moisturiser After your essential ‘wash the shame away’ shower. Pack on  the body  moisturiser. Not only will it give you that smug ‘I’ve my life together because I moisturise’ feeling but something with a subtle scent will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean clean.

Insert here healthy breakfast of your choice with an apple to eat on the journey. Apples will give you a slow releasing sugary kick  that will wake you up naturally and help keep you going. Apple a day and all that…

Sniff a lemon…Yep sniff a lemon. For a quick de-stressing trick,put some faith in your sense of smell. Japanese researchers found that linalool, a substance found in lemons, may turn down the classic “flight-or-fight” stress response. If you have a fear of lemons try basil, juniper, or lavender – all proven to lower stress levels.

Pump up de tuuuuuuunes. Several studies have found that listening to music can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and boost your mood. The right music has the power to change your attitude. I’m sure it goes without saying but Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell should not feature on this playlist….

For those of you working in an office Clear your desk. Clutter can make you lose focus and as a result decreases productivity which makes you pretty angry at yourself in other words only making the situation worse. Get tidying!

Water. Drink as much of this stuff as you can. I promise not only will it wake you up but it will help clear all those toxins out of your body and keep you hydrated thus giving more energy throughout the day.

Exercise. I know this one is probably the last thing you want to do but it has been proven time and time again that exercise is the best medicine (along with laughter). It increases endorphins making you feel a million times better. You never ever regret a workout! It will also lift smugness level by at least 100%

Read I know how tempting it is to put something on the laptop and vegetate but pick up a book and read for 15 miniutes. Avoid intellectually stimulating and use this time for some easy reading. It will reduce mental chatter and allow you to relax and let go of the day’s preoccupations. Trust me, you’ll end up drifting into a very peaceful sleep.

I hope some of  these tips have helped and you will feel fully rejuvenated if not better by Wednesday!

Do you have any techniques of your own to fight off the fear? If so we’d love to hear them.

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