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Photo Editing and the Affects it has on Society:

This is one of my favourite youtube videos, I saw this back in 2006 and showed it to all my friends and they couldn’t believe it, they had no idea that kind of thing happened. Even though I work in the fashion industry I was shocked to see it go to this extreme.

I remember growing up that I was really self concious and unsure of myself. I had moments where I felt fat or ugly or different. I know now that this is all a part of growing up and perfectly normal. I found it hard and time really does help you to gain some perspective on things and of course yourself. I have found that I have finally accepted myself and the way I look and use the skills that I have as a make-up artist to accentuate what was given to me.

It makes me ponder how the kids emerging into todays photoshop wizardy years can cope with the pressure of the superhumans…people that are stick thin but have big boobs, size zero but no ribs protuding, perfect eyelashes etc little do they know that this is all covered up with the brilliance of photoshop.

Another example:

Photoshop Article
Don’t get me wrong, I think that photoshop is brilliant and I even used it for this article (WARNING: the image above is photoshopped lol!) I just think that the general public should just be more aware of whats going on and not take what they see too literally.

Fashion, Film, Tv, Theatre, Magazines…its all smoke and mirrors and meant to push the imagination! It is not reality! You wan’t reality check out Big Brother, it’s not that pretty 😀

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