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I know we always tend to take good care of our lips during the winter with chapsticks and stuff like that, but for some reason we always forget about our lips in the summer.

With that being said I thought why not make a home made lip scrub. As well as our lips getting chapped in the winter months we can also have problems with them in the summer. Our lips are probably the easiest part of us to get burnt ( when the sun decides to come out) because well we forget to protect them. So of course if they get burnt they will dry out and most probably peel. Not to fear though, I’m going to give you a helpful tip so combat this problem.

A home made lip scrub is probably the easiest thing to make seen as we would usually have the products just lying around the house. All you need is, a lip balm of your choosing, some white or brown sugar, and somewhere to mix it all together. Now you know what you need it really is as easy as 1,2,3. Take the lip balm of your choosing and pop a little bit out somewhere that you can mix it ( I used a palette) and add your sugar, you will know when the consistency is right because it will look like a scrub:-). When it’s mixed all together tadaa you have a lip scrub. Apply onto the lips rubbing it in ( as if you was exfoliating your face), leave to sit for a minute or two and then wash of with a damp face cloth. This should leave your lips feeling nice and smooth and no longer dry and peeling.

Just as a little side note onto this, you don’t only have to use this if your lips are chapped. I sometimes do this if I know I’m going to be wearing a bold colour on my lips. I feel it gives me a good base to work with especially for a really matte lippy. 🙂

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