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Scouse Brow. No Way! HD BROWS – The perfect way to get this seasons hottest full brow

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Emma investigates HD Brows
It is official everyone is obsessed with brows! I remember a time when I would have to convince my skinny-browed-clients to let me fill their brows to make them look more youthful. Now a days I am frequently asked: “Will you fill in my brows” even before we get started with a makeup.

I think brows are the new eyelashes, last year it was all about the falsies, from strip lashes, lash growth serums, lash inserts, extreme lashes etc…well now it is all about BROWS, from bleaching, to tinting, waxing, 3D eyebrows you name it!

All over the Catwalks we are seeing bigger bolder and fuller brows. Pat McGrath and her team created face framing arches for the Baroque Beauty theme of Dolce & Gabanna’s A/W 2012 show.

photo courtesy of style.com

The fantastic Lisa Eldridge also focused on making the brows full and healthy looking for the Osman A/W 2012 show at London Fashion Week.  She kindly shared her moodboard with us for the makeup design. I laughed so much to see that she had written: NO SCOUSE BROWS – LISA SAYS SO!

Lisa Eldridge Moodboard

photo courtesy of lisaeldridge.com

This brings me to another element of the brow debate…Desperate Scousewives and the aforementioned scouse brow. I categorically don’t watch the show, it is not my cup of tea at all, but I did tune into one episode. I was actually rolling around the living room in tears of laughter when they revealed these brows below. I just don’t know who in their right mind would go around looking like that, but obviously there are a few in Liverpool!

Scouse Brow

photo courtesy of the guardian.co.uk

So when my favourite Beauty Blog Beaut.ie compared HD Brows to Scouse Brows check out the article here, there was no waaay I was going to book myself in for that treatment and that was the end of that.

Or was it…I just kept hearing more about it and after reading a few blog posts and actually watching a video of the process my interest was piqued and I decided to get myself down to Carter Beauty to give it a try. Sure worst case scenario it would fade right?

Well the lovely Katie was my Brow Designer (yup, this is an art!). She diligently went through all the steps of the process and even helped me out by taking some photos so that I can share them with you all.

Step One – Preparation & Assessment.  Katie analysed my face shape and chose a style and thickness that would suit my face shape.

Step Two – Tinting. A tint was used to give me extra volume by darkening all the hair. At this point Katie spent a long time mapping out where my brow would be perfectly. She used a pencil and string, so I actually felt like I was being architecturally drawn on.

Step Three – Waxing. Using a tiny spatula, she precisely applied the wax and then painlessly removed the first layer of unwanted hairs.

Step Four – Trimming. At this point she trimmed some hairs, but mine aren’t that long so this took seconds.

Step Five – Threading. Katie then used threading to further streamline the design of my brows.

Step Six – Tweezing. Then god forbid one tiny stragler might have been missed, she then tweezed any leftover hairs.

Step Seven – Finish. This is what I loved best about the treatment. She soothed the area with lovely lotion and tonic and then used a mineral powder to disguise any redness. No more running to the car in a blind panic incase someone sees you have just had your brows done! I can honestly say when I left there was absolutely no sign of redness.

HD Brow Stages Image

I have to say I am a fan and I will certainly be going back. I have actually had nothing but compliments from the boyfriend, about how nice I look the last two days. It is quite expensive at €50 for your initial consultation, but to be honest the work and artistry that goes into it, every cent is well deserved. Plus future visits are €35 which is far more reasonable.

To get your own HD Brows visit:
Carter Beauty, 40 Main St, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
T: 01-2103624
E: info@carterbeauty.ie
W: http://www.carterbeauty.ie

*Also be sure to check out this great Video: Pat McGrath Talks Brows

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