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Halloween Make-up & Costume Ideas

By October 19, 2012Bodypainting

So it is that time of year again!! One of my favourite times of year to be a make-up artist. Halloween is a great time for people to get creative, be a little silly and have some fun. I love helping people create their vision and through the years I have done countless characters!  I thought I would share some of my work below, to give you a bit of inspiration this year.

Zombie Halloween Make-up

Zombie make-up done with face paint, prosthetics and blood.

White Swan Halloween Costume

You don’t always have to be scary, this is a nice idea for a pretty costume. This is a twist on the black swan and is called the White Swan.

Pretty Death Skull Halloween Facepaint

Another pretty one is the Mexican Death Skull. This one was done with glitter, so it was really sparkly and gorgeous in real life, it doesn’t translate on my camera.

Lady Gaga Halloween Make-up and  Costume

Lady Gaga is always popular! She lets her make-up, hair and costume designers run wild, so there is so much you could do inspired by her.

Pop Art Halloween Costume

I absolutely love pop art and this is a really cool (but very time consuming) bodypaint I did a few years ago. This was actually just a test that I did of the real thing, but I didn’t get any good photos of the final look, even though it took 7 hours!

Old Man Make-up Halloween Costume

The old man costume is a goody! All you need to age 20 years is a bald cap, some latex stipple and patience 😉

Zombie Baby Halloween Costume & Bullet Victim Vampire

This was just a bit of fun one halloween and was supposed to be a baby zombie and a gun shot pretty but scary victim.

Nosforato Old Fashioned Vampire Halloween Costume

Vampires are always popular at halloween, how about an old school version like this one inspired by Nosferatu.

Incredible Hulk Halloween Costume Bodypaint

You can always paint yourself green and wear some ripped clothes and you are the incredible hulk.

Unfortunately I don’t think I am going to dress up this year as I have so much work on, but here are a taster of my pathetic costumes from the past, most of them done last minute and in a rush:

Various Halloween Costumes

From left to right, I have been a Pirate, Harajuku Girl, Witch, Vampire, Boy George, 80s Workout Lady and a Cop.

So what are you going as this year? I would love it if you could share your pics with me 🙂

Lots of love,



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