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Halloween Inspiration – Two Faced

By October 15, 2013Emma Farrell

Halloween Inspiration Two Faced


It is coming close to halloween and I thought I would start giving you some inspiration for your halloween costumes. Every year I am flat out the door at halloween doing make-up, facepainting, bodypainting and special effects makeup. I always I say I will take some good quality pictures of my work, but somehow never get around to doing it. So please excuse the quality of these pics! Hopefully you get the idea of the make-up anyway.

This was my version of two-faced, created for a client last year. He wanted something that was simple, but not too expensive. So to create this look I used half a bald cap, half a cheap wig, a ping pong ball plastic eye – which was €1, some string, silicone (admittedly not the cheapest, but I had this lying around in my kit) some paints and blood. All in all I would say the whole thing cost me €30 which isn’t bad for a bad ass halloween makeup!

What do you think? Would you give this a go? What are you dressing up as this year?

Lots of love,


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