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Goodbye Shellac Hello Home Manicures

Red Carpet Manicure Editorial

I am a huge fan of getting my Shellac nails done regularly. I have tried and tested many salons in Dublin, much to my disappointment, you can read all about it here. I was hugely excited to get an invite to a new launch for an at home gel polish. This is something I was dying to try out ever since  I saw it in Sephora last year. I had put the kit in my shopping basket but last minute took it out as I was having buyers remorse having already spent €1000 in Sephora on my holidays already. So happy days when at the launch they gave me a full kit to try at home, I will share the experience with you here. ****Word of warning: For those of you squeamish about feet, this is not the post for you!

At Home Shella Kit

I dappled a couple of years ago with doing my nails at home with a cheap kit that I got from Argos, but after a few unsuccessful attempts at home I stashed the bulky kit in the back of my make-up cupboard, never to be seen again. The main selling points about the kit are that it is very user friendly, compact and much cheaper than going out to get your nails done in a salon.

Red Carpet Manicure Toes

I don’t think I will ever do my own finger nails at home as I want a clean crisp finish that you can only get in the hands of a professional. When you are working close to people’s faces and getting captured on video and camera regularly doing so, you want to make sure that your hands look clean and neat. However my toes are a completely different story and are totally up for testing, so please excuse the pictures of my feet!


I am not going to bore you with the step by step instructions, sure you can read them on the pack or if you have ever had a Shellac/Gel Polish you will know what is involved. One of my favourite things about the set is how small lightweight and quick the lamp is. It cures the polish in mere seconds and the lamp which is an LED Light doesn’t damage your skin with harmful UV rays. This was something I was always concerned with as don’t want to age my hands prematurely.


Above is the finished manicure. I was delighted with the glossy finish. It lasted for about 4 weeks which I was really impressed with, I had to remove it more because it had grown out, there were no chips at all. The only thing was one of the polish on my toes completely peeled off, but I have a feeling it is because I missed a step on that toe.

What do you think of the at-home-gel-polish? Is this something you are going to try yourself? Do let me know how you get on if you do.

Lots of love,


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  • Beauty Angel says:

    I have the Sensationail kit, I love putting it on and the finish. but I just find it such a pain to remove! Great for special occasions though!

  • Emma Farrell says:

    Yeh it is a bit time consuming to remove alright, but I think that this is a small price to pay for the longevity of the manicure. Plus I love there tinfoil and cotton remover kit, have you tried it? Makes everything so much easier.

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