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I had a great night at the Filmbase Special FX Make-up Night which took place on the 28th April, there was blood, guts, burns, bruises and zombies galore 🙂

It was a very funny night and there were demonstrations by Tom McInerney, Terri Pinnell an Conor McMahon. I particularly liked Conor’s hilarious demonstration for home made blood and brain recipes which left the poor victim with a sticky syrupy mess all over her head! Just as well its not summer or she would have been attacked by wasps & flies on the way home!

I was a burns victim for the night…it was weird being in the Make-Up Chair for once, but I found it strangely relaxing!



I also got a chance to catch up with some old Model Making people who were displaying their armour and props at the event. (Note: I used to be a modelmaker myself in a former life)


I particularly liked the fact that I could see Tom McInerney (FairycatcherThe Formorian) create a green, ghoulish character from start to finish, he made it look so easy!

Tom McInerney

At the end of the night we all had to do a Zombie Dance which was filmed…so watch this space…I will update you when I have the video 🙂


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