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Facial Yoga to Reduce the Need for SurgeryFacial yoga, have you heard of it? It’s said to have benefits of a facelift. Like yoga, there are a series of specific exercises for specific facial muscles. They’re said to increase blood flow, stimulate collagen, tone muscles and relieve tension.

We exercise muscles in our body so why not the ones in our face?  Our face is so active, it’s how we express what we’re thinking or feeling. The same as with our body, it’s easy to be unaware of where you might be holding tension.

Exercies like eye asanas for instance are said to improve vision and help relieve tension. Like in yoga, some of the exercises have funny names. The Marilyn is said to help with fuller lips or Babybird to tone your neck.  In other words you could be blowing a kiss or doing zig zag movements with your tongue to get you toned up. You may want to be on your own doing your facial yoga. There are exercises for your forehead, your eyes, your jaw line, your lips, you get the picture.

The beauty industry in catching on. The FaceGym, part of  the campaign The Beauty Project has launched in Selfridges.  The FaceGym would be for anyone who would prefer to have a professional work on their facial muscles in a salon environment.

Here’s a video from The Beauty Project Campaign, you can see some of the lovely ladies doing their facial yoga moves.

If you are going to give it a go at home yourself, I would recommend starting out with one or two exercises and build from there, maybe start with the ones you find easiest.

Best of all this is that there are no chemicals or needles involved or any harm to the environment, except maybe if you do them in the car, like I did, I don’t recommend this.


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