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Emma’s Spring Skincare Favourites

Emma's skincare favourites
Spring is in full swing and it is nearly summer time! Yay, my favorite time of year. This is the time to start prepping your skin and get it sorted before the holidays and sun worship begins (with factor of course). I always find that my skin gets quite dry in the winter so I have to step up my skin hydration routine. Here are some of the products that I have been using of late: 

1.) Neostrata Glycolic Treatment Peel
This is a fantastic product for those of you who like me are starting to see the first signs of aging. A deep exfoliating home peel, which contains 20% AHA which will slough away dead skin cells which means your skin will absorb moisturisers and treatments more effectively. It reduces pigmentation, fine lines, open pores and brightens the skin. I have been using it once every two weeks and continuing to use the facewash that comes in the kit every day. I have noticed a remarkable difference in my skin and I think this is a viable alternative for anyone who is cash strapped that would like to get micro-dermabrasion or a in-salon peel but can’t afford it.

2.) You Organic Orange and Ylang-Ylang Night Balm
Words cannot express how much I enjoy this product, the orange scent is out of this world and it is a real treat to massage this balm into my face everynight. A notorious night owl, I now look forward to bed time! When you put the balm on your hand it quickly softens to an oil which slowly absorbs into your skin as you sleep. I have to admit to cheating a few days and applying this during the day, just because I loved it so much! It is hand made in Ireland by Ursula Elmes – a Dublin based practicing Acupuncturist and Holistic Skin Therapist and is a steal at €29.99.

3.) Beetox Bee Venom Moisturiser
I honestly wasn’t that impressed when I was first contacted by the PR for this brand. I thought it was a bit of a fad, jumping on the “natural” botox bandwagon. However when I actually got around to trying it I was pleasantly surprised. It is a rich creamy texture which I would normally avoid like the plague, but surprisingly, this absorbs easily, makes your skin feel hydrated, but dries to a demi matt finish ready for makeup. It kind of reminds me of the texture of aqueous cream, but at £55 it is far more pricey!

I seem to have found a skin care routine that is really working for me and has really helped to clear up my skin. Also I have noticed that some of my scars (from mild teen acne) have started to clear up to…a nice surprise.

What are you using on your skin at the moment? What is your holy grail product, please share 🙂

Lots of love,


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