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Egg on my Face – Meeting a Desperate Scousewife

Layla Flaherty Backstage at the Late Late Show

Photo courtesy of Leanne Ledwidge

Well you might remember I wrote about Scouse Brows recently and my trip to Carter Beauty for my HD Brows. Well I was giving the Scouse Brow a hard time and pondering who in their right mind would wear their brows like that. A couple of days later I was surprised to be asked do one of the girls from Desperate Scousewives’ makeup for the Late Late Show. Typical! I shouldn’t have opened my mouth 🙂

Layla Flaherty was over for the Late Late to talk about internet bullying and her experiences. It turns out that Layla is actually Irish and from Galway originally. She moved to Liverpool to follow here best friend who had gone there for college studies.

Before heading over to RTE to do her makeup I was a bit nervous that she would want me to do the Scouse Brow, which would have gone against my very nature of being a makeup artist. However I should not have worried at all as it turns out that she is not a fan of the look either. Infact Marissa from Carter Beauty had also travelled to the studios to ensure there wasn’t a stray hair out of place!

Carter Beauty doing HD Brows on Layla Flaherty

It was lovely to meet Layla and I think she is absolutely gorgeous. You can see her appearance  on RTE Player.

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