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Easy to Apply Scars for Halloween

Fake Scars Halloween

Hello Makeup Lovers!

Halloween is around the corner and I thought that I would share this little tutorial for you. I received these tattoo scars and wounds in the post from Sports Ink last week and couldn’t wait to try them 🙂

This is from their Nightfall Stitches and Scars Collection, which has a nice variety of scary looking scars and cuts. I was really impressed with the realism of some of the smaller tattoos and from a short distance away they look icky! -yes that is the technical term 😉

I really liked these and for those of you who might find the challenge of painting scars too much this Halloween they are quick, easy and clean. No need for messing around with facepaints and scar plastic!

Have you tried them before? What do you think? What will you be dressing up as this Halloween?

Lots of love,









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