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Unfortunately I have to write this blog on my most disappointing purchase  in a long time. The Real Techniques 201 brush (the bold metal collection)

I was really excited to buy this brush well because its gorgeous looking, but as my Mum once told me its whats on the inside that counts :-).

Real Techniques claims that this brush is basically a must have as they say that the bristles are as soft as ever, and it offers the most ultimate application of make-up.

For me when I first tried it I definitely was not impressed. The bristles on the brush are deffo not as soft as ever! As soon as I ran my finger across the brush it just felt hard and it really didn’t feel like it would be comfortable being brushed against an eyelid. I’m not too sure if the bristles on the brush are too densely packed together or what it is but it almost felt like plastic.

Now don’t get me wrong I have quite a few Real Techniques brushes and never really had a bad word to say about them, until now, this is why it is such a regrettable buy.  But this is just in my opinion :-), you may love it!





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