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Counter Spotlight: Clinique @ Brown Thomas

Brown Thomas Dublin - Clinique

I was in desperate need of a new foundation, so I headed to my mecca that is Brown Thomas, Dublin. I really should not be allowed in the place without a shopping list because it is a recipe for spending alot of money on make-up ūüôā

Having suffered from acne through my teens, I have found myself continuing this battle at the age of 27! Come on hormones, give me a break! Anyway I had heard that Clinique had a new foundation specifically targeted at spot sufferers like myself called Anti-Blemish Solutions, so I decided to go road test it.

I was approached by an extremely welcoming and friendly girl called Kirstie: “What are we looking for today?” Aha! I am on to you, the salesy open question…however what could I do but answer! I told her I was looking for a foundation and she paired me off with a Make-up Consultant (can’t remember her name for sure, but I think it was Sandra). Sandra discussed my needs and was able to tell me that I needed their anti-blemish foundation. She tried two colours and asked would I prefer to go a shade darker or the same as my skin tone. Of course I said the same as my skin tone…this usually means I look like a ghost, but at least I don’t have to try blending it down my neck! Anyway I luuuurve me blusher as you know, so the ghost look is no problemo. So turns out I am Fresh Alibaster, which is 01 VF-Very Fair.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions

I only wanted to try the foundation out and wear it for the day before buying it, because it is so important to road test a foundation first. Often you will find that colours look completely different in natural/fake light and not only that, some foundations change colour as they dry, so what you could try on that looks fine could end up looking too dark later on. This is usually the way with highly pigmented or matt foundations.

Anyway we tried the foundation and I said I would be back if I still liked it later. She was completely cool with it, didn’t pressurise me for the sale and she even let me know that in three days they would have a gift with purchase on. ¬†Roll on three days:

I am happy enough with the foundation so far, but it is very drying, so we shall see what this does to my skin over the next couple of weeks. I bought their anti-blemish solutions concealer too, this is great for covering spots as it is so pigmented Рa little goes a long long way. It has a toothpaste like consistency and it takes a bit of getting used to, I find that applying it with my fingers is best. It lasts ALL day which is amazing for me, because I rub and touch my face all the time.

Anyway to summarise the whole Clinique counter in Brown Thomas Dublin experience:

Counter Atmosphere: 10/10
Consultant Friendliness: 10/10
Make-Up Application: 9/10
Product Suitability: 10/10
Pressure to buy: 0% (this is a good thing!)

That is pretty good!!

Let me know your thoughts xx


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