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Contouring…choosing a colour for you.


Kevin Aucoin

Choosing a contouring product is a bit of a minefield, so this post is focusing just on the colour choice for contouring.

Above is the gorgeous work of the sadly missed makeup artist Kevin Aucoin.Ok! So! ..Look in the mirror and concentrate on the natural shadows on your face, this is the colour you’re looking for in a contour product. Contouring is about creating shadows to achieve an effect, i.e enhancing cheek bones, giving the appearance of a more chiseled jawline, creating an eye socket where they may not be one. Which means when you contour,  you should also highlight to create balance and get the full effect.

Choose cooler tones..so an ashy/taupe tone. Most bronzers are more in the warmer tones. I don’t go for these for contouring as they don’t mimic the natural shadow tones that you see when light hits the face. To the left is a cool tone and to the right is warm tone. You want a cool tone to contour with.


swiss choc





Another thing to look out for is shimmer or sheen, you don’t want this in a contour product because anything shimmering will attract the light and this is the opposite of you’re trying to achieve with contour.

*Tip, start with a very light application and build it up, it’s difficult to take away if you put on too much to begin with. If this happens, use a facepowder to tone it down or worst case..start again:)

Here are some of my picks:

contour collage

For paler/medium skin tones
1. MAC blush in Baby Don’t Go – Good for pale skintones

2. Makeup Forever Contour Kit comes in four shades so good for darker skintones

3. Kevin Aucoin Sculpting in Medium

These are all shadows, creams also work, I’ll cover those in another post.
Have you any favourites for contouring?

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