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My Work: Cocoa Brown Tan

Cocoa Brown Tan

Hello and Sorry for the brief holiday from the blog! Sometimes you just have to step away and take a break to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, which I do! I have some exciting news, I am in the process of doing a re-brand of the website and blog, so I am hoping to share this with you soon…

I have been quite busy this year already with lots of exciting projects, which I have been terrible at sharing! Sorry!! One of which was a  photoshoot with Cocoa Brown Tan. I am sure you have heard of them at this stage, it is the tan that is taking over the world! You might have seen them in Pennies, pharmacies all over Ireland and they are much loved on your favourite beauty blogs.

Cocoa Brown Tan Make-up Artist

I got the opportunity to work with Marissa and the crew by a chance tweet! I saw that she was going to Marbella and I cheekily tweeted her to see if she needed a make-up artist…well the rest is history 🙂

It was a whirl wind of a trip, with photoshoots for RSVP Magazine, Sunday World and Cocoa Brown Tan’s own advertising shots for their new tan Night and Day.

Marissa Carter

I think you can agree that Marissa looked modeltastic too!

It was really hard work, but alot of fun at the same time. Also we had a great team behind the scenes. Here is a picture of us just before we left.

Cocoa Brown Tan Marbella Team

Get your hands on the tan! It is a steal at €7.99. Here is a little video from our trip.

Have you tried the tan? What do you think?

Lots of love,




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