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Career Corner: Choosing a Makeup School


Hello fellow beauty lovers!

I hope you are all keeping well and it isn’t too cold, wherever you may be. Here in Ireland it is absolutely freezing and is now snowing in March! Just when you would expect the weather to be getting warmer. Today I thought I would start another new series seeing as I am trying to put a bit of structure to my beauty ramblings.

You can now search through past articles under the following headings:

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The latest addition to these categories is the Makeup Career Corner: Hints and tips about becoming a professional makeup artist including What’s in My Kit.

The reason for my starting this section is that one of the most popular posts on my blog is How to become a Makeup Artist. I also get emails every day from people hoping to become make-up artists and want to help them in the pursuit of their dream.

So the topic of today’s post is make-up schools and how to choose the best school for you. I want to start with the first question you should ask yourself and then will continue with further questions in later posts…

1.) What type of make-up would you like to do?

Beauty & Bridal Make-up

If you are hoping to do beauty and bridal make-up only, then a good idea is to get a basic course, this can be 1 month long or shorter. Here you will just be learning the basics, from skin types to eye and faceshapes. Make sure that they have a curriculum and that they cover everything that they say they will on the course. They should also include notes so that you can look back on them after the course if you have any questions.

The main thing is to play with as many different products as possible and practise. Some colleges that run these courses are as follows:


Fashion Make-up:

If you would like to get into fashion make-up then I highly recommend that you go to one of the fashion capitals of the world to study. I am talking about London, Milan, Paris or New York. Here you will find courses that are right in the heart of the fashion industry and have working insiders as tutors.

After you have completed your course, it is best to stay in touch with the latest trends and products, by doing refresher courses and masterclasses. MAC do a number of masterclasses throughout the year to keep pro artists in the know.


Film & Television

If you would like to get into this type of work I really recommend a course from 1 year as a bare minimum and a 3 year course as the optimum time to study. There is alot involved in this type of make-up from beauty to makeup through the ages, to wigs and prosthetics, it is best to be confident in everything if you would like to succeed.



I think the best way to train in theatre is to become an apprentice or do a theatre costume, hair and makeup course. Wigs are really important to know if you want to work in theatre.

So they are my first recommendations in series, the next question I will be asking is: “Who is teaching the course?”. So be sure to check back.

Lots of love,



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