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MyDental – Review

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My Dental LogoAnyone who knows me knows I have taken a lot of care of my teeth over the years. Following a few random years of braces on and off again I’ve made sure to take care of them and have invested a decent amount of money from braces to root canals in order to regain a decent smile. So, when given the opportunity to try out another dentist from my own I figured why not…it was also time for a clean which I would usually do ever six months but was bordering on eight so that and my pretty recent appreciation for red wine has made these scale and polishes far more necessary!

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Physicians Formula – Eyeliners

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Some of you will know, that our lovely Emma is the Ambassador in Ireland for the recently launched brand here, Physicians Formula.

Part of the range are their eyeliners. I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with eyeliner, I just love it and don’t feel like I look like me without it… as in…where are my eyes gone!!??

The Physicians Formula range does not disappoint, seriously there is something for everyone. Read More


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I went to see the film Maleficent this week.  I don’t normally go for Disney films. I think it was the images of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent that made me want to see it. She was one of the Executive Producers on the film.

Visually, I really liked it! The special effects, the forest, the floating horse fish and the three funny little pixies(or maybe they are fairies?) the threatening overgrown vines, Maleficent’s magnificent wings(though these were not in the original character),great! Read More

Lycon Spray Tan – Review

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Salon ReviewHello All,

With the summer, ie. somewhat decent weather, on it’s way and the bag of summer clothes gradually being dipped into I felt it was time to start stepping up my tan regime. That January diet still hasn’t started as such so in a bid to look a little more slim line I began to research some spray tan options because as a friend once said ; “tanned fat looks much better than white fat” 🙂 I am usually a fan of home tanning for a number of reasons – convenience, colour control, ability to walk around frog legged at home to ensure no tan lines…..the usual! So when I had the opportunity to try out Lycon tan at Brazilia on South William St I was a little hesitant due to it’s city centre location and my bike as means of transport. I just pictured myself as Ross from friends Cycling down Nassau Street with my head down avoiding eye contact. However, all that said I figured ‘let’s give it a try’ because with a million weddings and hen weekend’s this year I needed something that would be powerful enough to get me through three days of dancing in sweaty nightclubs and mucky assault courses.

For anyone who hasn’t been in Brazilia it’s actually a fantastic location for anyone working in the city centre as is stuck amidst the hustle and bustle of South William Street. I went in, filled out the usual forms and I nosed around the waiting room I was highly impressed  by the tv, sweets and Nespresso machine……simple pleasures yes! 🙂 Without any delay I was brought into the tanning room and directed by the beauty therapist to the what to do’s. Two minutes later she was spraying me up. Normally I find beautician naked small talk a bit weird but I have to say…. she had it down to a t with excellent direction on body movement for best tanning results! 🙂 OK, so I went for a ‘medium’ tan which I felt would be the safest option. It only took about 8 minutes and I dried myself off for a further five and was out the door and dressed in no time. I was still a little sticky but in the right clothes it was fine. The best part about this tan is that it develops. There was a slight glow as I left the salon and so this allowed me to wander town without that fear of people staring and elbowing friends at ‘yer wan’s’ tan disaster. In fact I pottered for three hours…..fearlessly 🙂 The beauty therapist also told me I was safe to shower after three hours…..impressive….however I decided to go the whole hog.

As the tan developed through the night it got quite a bit darker. I showered in the morning which took off the first mucky layer and I have to say…… I loved it. Actually…..initially I was a little unsure about the depth of the tan but as the day went on and compliments were coming in thick and fast I was delighted. I’ve honestly never had so many people comment on a tan. It was even, no blotches and genuinely looked like a deep tan I have gotten before after some time in the sun – very very natural. I was pulling all kinds of white combinations out of that summer bag! The Lycon tan lasted really nicely for about four days and then gradually started to lighten and come off a little more on areas such as the neck but after a decent all over scrub it was still there but even again. All in all there was an extra glow to my skin for a bout 7 days, which in my book is pretty good! Obviously this will vary with different skin types.

At €25 I think it’s pretty reasonable for the quality and Brazilia offer a few deals too which would be perfect if you have a few different events over time!

Have you any tan distasters or recommendations that you would like to share? As always please comment below!

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David O Malley

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Very recently I had the pleasure of working on a fashion film for the Irish Designer, David O Malley for the launch of his ‘Entropy’ collection.
I was familiar with his designs already.  I’d seen the singer Young Wonder, wear some his designs at Electric Picnic in 2013 and more recently, RTE weather reporter, Jean Byrne wore one of his dresses at the VIP Style Awards.  So I jumped at the chance to be part of the fashion film.
He studied at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin and was named ‘one of the ones to watch’ by Vogue Fashion Festival!
Taking inspiration from the style of the designs and a visit to the Design Centre in Dublin, where you will find his collection, I started to put together ideas for the make-up.

For shoots like this, there are always conversations beforehand about the concept or any themes for the overall style of the shoot.   My loose plan (I’m a bit of a planner) was graphic lines and monochrome type look. On the day, I used black and white liner, definite lines being the focus and I enhanced each of the models bone structure with contour and highlighting. On Georgia, the thick winged out black liner all over the lid really suited the geometric style of the clothes.  I think the white liner on all three of the models looks cool.  I love getting a chance to do high fashion make-up.
Here’s the film, I hope you like it!  Well done to everyone involved.

David O Malley ENTROPY 14 from Samuel Foxton on Vimeo.

With thanks to
The video for David O Malley’s 2014 collection collaboration with Samuel Foxton.

Special thanks to Distinct Model Management and National College of Art & Design, Dublin – Models Georgia, Brian and Ricky. Also, Karl Mac Bellend, Azzy O’Connor, Glen Cullen, Conor Doyle

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The Week in Review

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weekly news review

So here’s a quick look at some international beauty news. It’s been a great week for Birchbox and a pretty grim one for our friends over at Avon……

If you enjoyed the well known parody of Dove’s ‘real beauty‘ sketch ad campaign you’re going to love #truebeauty  🙂The ‘Dove for real beauty’ is a worldwide marketing campaign launched by Unilever in 2004 that includes advertisements, videos and workshops. It is essentially aimed at positive messaging for girls and women to love themselves and the skin they are in, however recently Unilever have come under fire and accused of interpreting women incorrectly and casting them in a dated and innacurate role to to what the modern day women actually is. Journalists have described it as a “washed-down brand of corporate feminism” and “patronising” and that Dove needs to “up its game and start making ads that modern women really want to see”. A Unilever spokeswoman said this week: “Our view is that parody, like imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery.” I’m not sure they get the point…… :/

This week in Singapore it is reported that advertisements on beauty products and services attracted the highest number of complaints last year, continuing a three-year trend according to the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore. Bust enhancement, slimming and hair loss are issues that feature prominently on advertisements in the media and they maintain that most are misleading and inaccurate. I’d like to get a look at how exaggerated they actually are because in a world of airbrushing as standard and filters being common place it seems that this is becoming an unrealistic epidemic!

These days there seems to be a different diet championing every week or a new exercise claiming to make your body the best. A Queensland University of Technology film student Madeleine Humphreys spent 10 weeks undergoing – and filming – some extreme intense exercise, beauty and diet regimes in a quest to find the perfect body. She made a list of celebrity diets, exercise regimes and the most popular beauty treatments and gave each one week to work their magic. From maple syrup diet, cabbage soup diet, paleo diet to zumba, crossfit and pole dancing she tired them all. This is definitely one to make you think!

Birchbox the popular online service for beauty products, announced last week that it has raised $60 million in funding. For those that aren’t familiar with Birchbox it is the original ‘samples in a box’ idea that so many have now cottoned on to! You register, give details about yourself, your skin type etc and they send you samples of popular and emerging brands based on your profile. If you decide you like something you can buy the full size on their website…pretty clever 🙂 With over 800,000 subscribers  Fortune estimates that Birchbox is generating at least $125 million in revenue per year…not too shabby

Avon got a €135 million slap on the wrist this week paying out a settlement with U.S. regulators over a long-standing federal bribery probe. The company said it would install a compliance monitor and enter an agreement with the Justice Department to defer criminal prosecution for three years, after which charges could be dismissed….Not ideal for Avon seeing as stocks of the housewife brand have plummeted to their lowest value since 2001.

That is all for now and as always everyone please do comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Orlaith’s Weekly Winners : Week Two

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Orlaiths Weekly Winners - Week 2
Some girls love a heavily made up eye. Some love a strong lip. I love skin…..Like really love it. I get really excited about a makeup that makes the skin glow and the light bounces of naturally and…..I just love it ok. So flawless skin is kind of a recent obsession of mine. I have or always would have said  I have very oily skin so that combined with crows feet that shockingly appeared out of the blue one morning six months ago has led me on my quest for beautiful skin. I’m not sure if it’s the three litres of water a day, change in diet, giving up smoking or my skin care regime but something is working and for the first time I’m actually happy with my skin. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been that bothered that I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup but that fresh dewy look was always something I yearned for as opposed to a forehead as oiled up as a chipendales abs.

It was time to stock up on some of my skincare products so I thought I should share them with you for this weekly winner feature. So here we are…

1.The sea is a big passion and love in my life, it’s definitely my happy place so when I was introduced to the VOYA Organic Seaweed Range I was straight on board. They are an Irish husband and wife partnership with some really beautiful products. I use the Cleanse and Mend morning and evening with a hot facecloth, at €26 it’s a reasonable investment in your skin. No clogged pores and has some great ingredients for soothing skin plus it can actually also use as a light anti-aging moisturiser. What’s not to love? My skin feels so soft and clean afterwards, not to mention the calming chamomile and lavender aroma. I really feel if your regime/products  feel slightly luxurious then you are far more likely to stick to it and I have to say this definitely ticks that box. Well worth an investment

2.Dermalogica Multi Active Toner spritz is a super hydrating and balancing toner. My skin always looks glowing and fresh afterwards without the tight feeling. The Lavender Extract is a natural antiseptic which soothes and purifies the skin. Balm Mint and Aloe Vera cool and soften the skin. Extracts of Arnica and Cucumber are natural skin fresheners and help condition skin allowing it to take in even more moisture. A really great product and at €29 on Beautyskincare.ie worth every penny (If you find it anywhere cheaper again please let me know!!)

3. Anyone who knows me knows I wax lyrical about Rimmel’s ‘Wake me Up’ Foundation. I can’t say enough about this and if I could use it on everyones skin I would…but I can’t sob sob. Coverage is fab, I really like the smell, there is loads in the bottle, most can find the right shade for them and it’s such a beautiful and dewy  finish. It looks natural, glowing and leaves your skin feeling moisturised and healthy Only thing though….. for the oiler out there it’s not ideal. Even with a primer staying power isn’t anything past a few hours. But if you can manage to deal with the payoff for a beautiful finish then excellent. Just suck it up and have yer blot powder at the ready….it’s worth it. Retailing at €10.99  with a SPF 15

4. MUD Loose Powder. As with any sebaceously challenged lady I tend to have more of a problem with makeup staying  below the eye. It just does not stay. However I have a secret weapon.  This finely milled powder sets my makeup perfectly. If anyone has ever used the Makeup Forever HD Microfinish powder you’ll definitely like this! MUD Cosmetics Loose Powder features an ultra-light texture that evenly covers the your skin without settling into fine lines for a really gorgeous smooth finish. You can use it as a setting powder of alone to mattify and give a photoshop finish!

5. Finally we have a few spring colour additions to the Colour Crush Sheer lipstick €12.95 range from the Body Shop. I like these a lot, particularly the packaging. To top off a natural look just lash a little on the lips and cheeks for a lovely natural pink cheek with a little shimmer.The lipstick itself is extremely soft  to apply with a non sticky formulation which feels lovely and light and moisturising on the lips, this is down to the Marula oil it contains. I will say the staying power of the colour is pretty average with a three hour max window but there are some gorgeous sheer spring shades and with something that feels so nice on your lips there has to be a little give somewhere.

That is all for this weeks installment. If you have any questions or comments whatsoever please do so below and I’ll get straight back to you!

Happy Easter everyone 🙂

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