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Lan Nguyen Grealis

Lan Nguyen Grealis

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PicMonkey CollageHello fellow beauty lovers!

I recently assisted the amazing Lan Nguyen-Grealis, she is one of the busiest, most respected makeup artists in the world with many awards and accolades under her belt. Lan has a very broad international C.V to date with her work in publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and Cosmopolitan, to name but a few. She is self taught with an art background which is very apparent in how she is capable of such beautiful and fashion forward makeup that she creates. The intricate and delicate mix that she blends with beauty and high fashion was one of the reasons that I wanted to do this masterclass. We as makeup artists are inundated with requests to produce a beautiful makeup but when prompted to mix it with an artistic ‘out there’ feel it can be very difficult to strike the right balance, which Lan seems to do so effortlessly. When working on a model it is reminiscent of an artist working on a canvas using building blocks of colour and various different products in order to create depth and texture. She has an innate ability and understanding of the human anatomy which allows her to highlight, contour, correct asymmetric features and disguise what we deem to be imperfections resulting in a small piece of art. Lan demands respect for her art through this ability.

When I heard that Lan was coming to Dublin to do one of her Masterclasses I jumped at the opportunity to assist her. Having attended two of her masterclasses in London, I knew this was a great course to do so recommended my assistant Orlaith do the course. Here she describes her experience:

Lan Nguyen Makeup Masterclass Ireland

I, as a makeup artist, am always looking for inspiration and ways to push the boat out so to speak and this masterclass did not fail to disappoint.

The first call of action was a glimpse into the secret kit of Lan Nguyen Grealis 🙂 What I personally liked so much about this was the simplicity of it. By this I mean that she had a certain amount of interchangeable colours and products, allowing any one product to work for any number of uses. I love this methodology.

Initially Lan demonstrated a ‘simple’ dewy high fashion look. This can be one of the most difficult looks to achieve as not only requires skill but a vast amount of restraint! With an intimate group of seven people she talked us through each step allowing for questions and giving thorough and comprehensive answers.

Following this she did a demonstration on darker skin, explaining the skin tones and suitable colours to use. I found this hugely beneficial as I have up to this point mainly dealt with lighter skin.

Smokey eye, statement lip.

Finally Lan delved into the more artistic side of the masterclass experimenting with highlighting, contouring with colours, concentrating on a feature lip with different textures and colour, blocking out eyebrows and how to use facelace. This was probably my favourite part of the class as not only was I inspired but gained a little confidence in that aspect of makeup with the tricks and tips we were given.

Then….we were let loose on one another. As we highlighted and lined Lan passed through the class giving advice and discussing our technique. This was invaluable and even though I made one or two (to say the least :)) mistakes I managed to create something that not only was I proud of but allowing me to continue learning even after Lan has stopped demonstrating.”

Emma Lan Masterclass

This is Orlaith’s recreation of the look on me. I am not a very good model 🙂 Lan is coming back to Dublin this year for another workshop, so if you are interested in partaking in the course get in touch! I will be helping her organise it again and am putting together a list of people. Last time the workshop sold out, so don’t delay in putting your name down so you are not disappointed.

Hope to see you then. Lots of love,


The Review: Makeup is Art Book

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Hello Again!

So this is the new installment to the blog called The Review. This is where I talk about my opinion on make-up related things, but with a little twist. So rather than products, I am going to review beauty books, videos, makeup counters that kind of thing.

Makeup is Art

So my first review is the book: Make-up is Art.  I have had this book for a couple of years now. I picked it up at the IMATS I think it was. Needless to say I was delighted as it is a book filled to the brim with fantastic images and information on how to achieve them.


One of the things that I loved about the book was that it featured images of a lot of different artists work. The make-up artists featured in the book are at the top of their field and people that I really admire! Their work can be seen in magazines, catwalks and television in the UK and abroad. This meant that the type of work and style of make-up was quite varied. It showed everything from a beautiful skin, to a full on glitter-thon with lashes.


The book is not a step by step guide, so anyone buying it hoping to learn how to do each step might be disappointed. However I found that the descriptions were really informative and you would be able to achieve all the looks with a little trial and error.  It is a very inspirational book and will leave you with loads of creative ideas of your own.


The images are really clear and not over photoshopped and this book is visually stunning. It is definitely something that you could proudly display on your coffee table. I think even non-makeup aficionados would find this book enjoyable to flick through as it is an array of colourful vibrant imagery.

For once you can judge a book by its cover, this gorgeous cover invites you in and the contents certainly don’t disappoint.

Value for Money: 10/10
Images: 10/10
Description: 9/10
Overall Rating: 9/10

Below are some images I found online of the behind the scenes of some of the photoshoots from the book, so I thought it would be nice to share them with you. Lots of lashes there!

False eyelashes laid out for photoshoot

Images of inspiration for makeup

Makeup for photoshoot fashion

Makeup and Pigments set up and ready to use

Lan Nguyen_AOFM

Hope you enjoyed this post. I will be back again next week for another review! If there is a book in my collection that you spotted that you would like me to do next, let me know. Your wish will be my command.

Lots of love,


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