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Salon Spotlight

Yummy Mummy’s

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Yummy Mummy’s!

mothers day instagram2

With Mother’s Day just a couple of days away, I hope you all have something lovely planned for your special Mum!

With so many lovely treats we can spoil our Mother’s with, from buying her all time favourite perfume,chocs and flowers. Or the route I love to go down is the craft gifts, heartfelt, time and energy always shows my mum how much I appreciate her. If you’re like me and don’t mind getting the place in a bit of a mess for a little while, have a nose at Pinterest I find it the best place to get my craft ideas!

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Salt Therapy Dublin

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Salt Therapy

The fantastic weather has been great for my mood, skin and general well being, but unfortunately has really been affecting my sinus and hay fever. As I am not a fan of medication, I posted to facebook looking for some natural alternatives to antihistamines and decongestants and was surprised with the amount of remedies available. One such suggestion was the salt rooms and when my friend told me that there was one on a Living Social Deal, I knew there was no excuse to not try it out! The said living social deal was only €15 for a 40 minute session, which is based in among Lemon’s Beauty Salon on the Clontarf Rd.

Salt Therapy Clontarf
When I first arrived I was really unimpressed with the facilities. It just looked like four office chairs plonked in a nightclubesque (because of the lighting)  room with salt in it. I was just pointed in the direction of a chair and left alone to sit there while relaxing music played on the sound system and the overhead LEDs twinkled.  I had planned on doing some reading while I was there, but because of the bad lighting and the fact that salt was being blown into the room, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Don’t ask me what I was thinking 🙂 Anyway, when I sat back and closed my eyes it was really relaxing and I think I may have even nodded off. I did get a bit cold, as the weather outside was lovely I was wearing flipflops and no jumper, so I did have to rob some of the blankets from the other chairs.

When it was over I was sitting there for about 5 minutes wondering if the lady was going to come back into me or whether I would just leave. In the end I just let myself out and she was there at reception, so I guess that is what you are supposed to do. I really enjoyed the relaxation and my nose most definitely was clear which is great. I also noticed straight after that it had brought alot of impurities like black heads to the surface and the next day alot of my spots had cleared up, so from that perspective I was delighted! Also I had been quite sick with a cough recently and it was still lingering around, but it seems to have cleared up too, which I am really impressed with!

I do see it as something you would probably have to do quite regularly, so I am not sure about the usual price of €35 it is a little much for what it is, I would probably pay that if the surroundings were a bit more luxurious and if it felt more like a treatment then just sitting in a salty room on an office chair with salty air blowing around you 🙂 However I would go back and get it done again as I do think it really works.

Have you done the salt therapy? What did you think of it?

Lots of Love,


MyDental – Review

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My Dental LogoAnyone who knows me knows I have taken a lot of care of my teeth over the years. Following a few random years of braces on and off again I’ve made sure to take care of them and have invested a decent amount of money from braces to root canals in order to regain a decent smile. So, when given the opportunity to try out another dentist from my own I figured why not…it was also time for a clean which I would usually do ever six months but was bordering on eight so that and my pretty recent appreciation for red wine has made these scale and polishes far more necessary!

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Lycon Spray Tan – Review

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Salon ReviewHello All,

With the summer, ie. somewhat decent weather, on it’s way and the bag of summer clothes gradually being dipped into I felt it was time to start stepping up my tan regime. That January diet still hasn’t started as such so in a bid to look a little more slim line I began to research some spray tan options because as a friend once said ; “tanned fat looks much better than white fat” 🙂 I am usually a fan of home tanning for a number of reasons – convenience, colour control, ability to walk around frog legged at home to ensure no tan lines…..the usual! So when I had the opportunity to try out Lycon tan at Brazilia on South William St I was a little hesitant due to it’s city centre location and my bike as means of transport. I just pictured myself as Ross from friends Cycling down Nassau Street with my head down avoiding eye contact. However, all that said I figured ‘let’s give it a try’ because with a million weddings and hen weekend’s this year I needed something that would be powerful enough to get me through three days of dancing in sweaty nightclubs and mucky assault courses.

For anyone who hasn’t been in Brazilia it’s actually a fantastic location for anyone working in the city centre as is stuck amidst the hustle and bustle of South William Street. I went in, filled out the usual forms and I nosed around the waiting room I was highly impressed  by the tv, sweets and Nespresso machine……simple pleasures yes! 🙂 Without any delay I was brought into the tanning room and directed by the beauty therapist to the what to do’s. Two minutes later she was spraying me up. Normally I find beautician naked small talk a bit weird but I have to say…. she had it down to a t with excellent direction on body movement for best tanning results! 🙂 OK, so I went for a ‘medium’ tan which I felt would be the safest option. It only took about 8 minutes and I dried myself off for a further five and was out the door and dressed in no time. I was still a little sticky but in the right clothes it was fine. The best part about this tan is that it develops. There was a slight glow as I left the salon and so this allowed me to wander town without that fear of people staring and elbowing friends at ‘yer wan’s’ tan disaster. In fact I pottered for three hours…..fearlessly 🙂 The beauty therapist also told me I was safe to shower after three hours…..impressive….however I decided to go the whole hog.

As the tan developed through the night it got quite a bit darker. I showered in the morning which took off the first mucky layer and I have to say…… I loved it. Actually…..initially I was a little unsure about the depth of the tan but as the day went on and compliments were coming in thick and fast I was delighted. I’ve honestly never had so many people comment on a tan. It was even, no blotches and genuinely looked like a deep tan I have gotten before after some time in the sun – very very natural. I was pulling all kinds of white combinations out of that summer bag! The Lycon tan lasted really nicely for about four days and then gradually started to lighten and come off a little more on areas such as the neck but after a decent all over scrub it was still there but even again. All in all there was an extra glow to my skin for a bout 7 days, which in my book is pretty good! Obviously this will vary with different skin types.

At €25 I think it’s pretty reasonable for the quality and Brazilia offer a few deals too which would be perfect if you have a few different events over time!

Have you any tan distasters or recommendations that you would like to share? As always please comment below!

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Salon Review: Penrose Beauty

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CND-Shellac Dublin

I have been getting Shellac on my nails ever since it was introduced to Ireland a couple of years ago. Initially I used to go to the same salon every few weeks, but unfortunately the nail specialist that I went to, fell prey to the appeal of Australia and I was left to seek out a replacement for my nail needs.

Unfortunately this hunt landed me disappointment after disappointment. I discovered that not all salons were equal. The first place I tried was Bushra’s Beauty Salon in St.Stephens Green. It was an utter disaster. The nails started to chip and peel after two days. I went back to get them fixed and instead of taking them off and starting again, they added extra layers on which meant that I left with thick nails, that came off in chunks a couple of days later. So my nails after two visits didn’t even last one week.

The second place that I tried was Nahm Beauty Salon, my first impression of this salon was great. It is really clean and beautifully decorated, I was really hopefully that their standard of work would be alot higher, especially because they were charging alot more for the 2 week manicure than I was used to (they use another brand – not Shellac). I was definitely wrong as the nails were really sloppily done. I always go for French Manicure and the whites were not done cleanly, the lines were uneven and crooked. When I got home I had to clean up all the white that was on my fingers and underneath my nails, so was not happy.

penrose beauty salon
The third place that I tried was Penrose Beauty Salon. Finally my search was over!! This is a tiny salon that is tucked away in a mostly residential area in Grand Canal Area, near the Google Headquarters. Ying the salon owner is a lovely person, but most importantly she is really talented and very professional. It was the fist time that I had my nails done by someone who skillfully did everything in one go without having to make corrections to the white, I was really impressed. However I didn’t want to get too excited and waited 2 weeks before judging the quality of the nails. I was delighted with the results. I have been back on countless occasions and I am delighted to say that I will be returning again and again. I usually get about 4 weeks out of my Shellac nails when I go to Ying, which works out really well.

shellac nails

This is a picture of the nails after 2 weeks, you can clearly see that it is still in really good condition, bar a couple of small chips. I would definitely be able to keep this on for some time longer. I love getting a glitter top coat for extra bling!

Yong Penrose Beauty Salon

Ying is going on maternity leave for a few months, but will be back again soon, so be sure to check in with her and get your nails done. I am yet to try any of her other services, but I think I will be soon.

Counter Atmosphere: 10/10
Consultant Friendliness: 10/10
Product Application: 10/10

What about you, have you had any disasters? Is there anyone that you would recommend I go to while Ying is on maternity leave?

Let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love,


Photo courtesy of http://www.news4.ie/ and CND Nails.