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Wedding Tips: Fake Tan

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Bad Fake Tan on a Bride

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This is coming to you a bit late, but as part of my weekly wedding series, I am now including some wedding tips for all my brides out there. I have been working in the wedding industry for the last 7 years. I would like to think I know a thing or two about weddings having made many brides look beautiful on their wedding day.

The one thing that can be very troublesome is tanning. Most brides decide to do something, be it sun beds, false tan or gradual tanners. I have encountered many mishaps through the years and here is a few of my recommendations to get yourself looking gorgeous and glowing on your wedding day.

Sun Angel Sunbed


We all know that sunbeds are really bad for us and so is smoking, but people continue to do both. I know that I shouldn’t even talk about sun beds, but  there are people out there who are going to do it anyway, so I want to give a bit of advice to those who are going to go there. The reason for this is that a had a bridesmaid come in one day burnt to a crisp. I assumed that she had been away on holidays, but when we chatted, I discovered that she had been overdoing it on the sunbeds. She was beetroot red and peeling, which was really unfortunate for the day that was in it. We had to try and re-hydrate her skin as when you apply foundation over burnt skin, it just absorbs it. So I had to cover her in Paw Paw Ointment and let that soak in while I did everyone elses make-up. When I came back to her, we had re-hydrated the skin enough to cover it in foundation and hide the burn, so you wouldn’t know. A whole lot of effort and stress that you don’t need!

So what can you do to be safe, if you do decide to go the sunbed route:
– Do not exceed 3 sessions per week
– Always wear the goggles provided
– Cover any large, raised or discoloured moles
– Always leave at least one full day between sessions
– Less is more, don’t over do it, build up your minutes slowly over weeks, don’t do too  much in one go
– Turn off the lamp on your face to prevent aging

False Tan

A much safer option than a real tan or a sunbed is to go the false tan route. I have also seen alot of fake tan disasters through the years. One particular bride I remember had a disastrous tan, it was patchy and in parts it hadn’t taken to her skin, so she had really dark areas and really light areas of skin. We ended up having to cover her whole body in foundation and seal that with a waterproof translucent powder that I keep in my kit for tatoo cover. Thankfully I had that or she would have gotten make-up all over her dress when she put it on.

It is for this reason that I highly recommend you do a trial run of your tan. Make sure that it works with your skin tone, that you like the way that it fades etc. Afterall most brides go away on honeymoon afterwards so you don’t want to have a tan that is all patchy a couple of days later.

Cocoa Brown Tan

I never wear tan anymore, but recently was given a sample of Marissa Carter’s Cocoa Brown to try. I can wholeheartedly say that this is the most hassle free tan I have ever tried. A beautifully scented tan, it glides onto the skin with ease and dries so fast! Initially I was concerned as I felt that it dried before I had time to rub it in properly, I shouldn’t have worried, when the tan developed it was perfect. I kept it on for 3 hours and I did start to get that quirky smell that you get when tan is developing, but once I showered it disappeared. My skin felt soft and looked great, a really natural tan.  So I really recommend Cocoa Brown for any bride considering going for the golden glow.
St.Tropez Gradual Tan

Gradual Tan

I think gradual tan is a safe option for weddings, especially for my fair-skinned brides. You get rid of the blueness, where you can see your veins, but you don’t look uncharacteristically dark. I love the St.Tropez everyday tan, it has a very real tone, so looks very close to my skin when I have been away. Also easy to apply, it keeps your skin beautifully moisturised and an even golden glow colour.

So what do you think you will go for your wedding? Are you an au natural girl or will you be faking the bake?

Lots of love,