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Red Carpet Manicure

Goodbye Shellac Hello Home Manicures

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Red Carpet Manicure Editorial

I am a huge fan of getting my Shellac nails done regularly. I have tried and tested many salons in Dublin, much to my disappointment, you can read all about it here. I was hugely excited to get an invite to a new launch for an at home gel polish. This is something I was dying to try out ever since  I saw it in Sephora last year. I had put the kit in my shopping basket but last minute took it out as I was having buyers remorse having already spent €1000 in Sephora on my holidays already. So happy days when at the launch they gave me a full kit to try at home, I will share the experience with you here. ****Word of warning: For those of you squeamish about feet, this is not the post for you! Read More