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Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula: Behind the brand

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Physicians Formula, “it all began as a gift of love”. 78 years ago Dr. Frank Crandall an Allergist created a unique line of cosmetics for his wife who suffered with terribly sensitive skin ( you couldn’t really ask for a better gift). 78 years later there going strong and growing bigger and better.

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Our Essentials for Glamping this Wedding Season

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Glamping tent image

With wedding season in full swing and my fair share to attend I have started to put some very quick checklists together to ensure that nothing gets left behind on my way out the door. These days weddings are no longer made to fit a mold nor as traditional as they used to be. People’s personalities are allowed to break through and create a day that is individual to them, this means that for many the comfort of a hotel is no longer always part of the picture. From glamping to self catering houses on a country estate here’s a checklist for those things you might not necessarily think of when grabbing your deodorant as you make sure the straighteners is turned off and switch on the alarm!

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Demystifying Bronzers: A How to Guide

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bronzersSummer is here in full force, so it is time to use your bronzers to lighten the load in your makeup bag and ensure that you accentuate your newly acquired tan the correct way, without looking orange!

So first thing is first, you need to know that there are a few types of bronzers, which do very different things, so here is your complete guide to getting it  right.

shimmery bronzers1. ) Shimmery Bronzers:

These products are great for use on the beach when you don’t want to use foundation, but you want to even out your skin tone and give yourself a glow all over. Use this lightly all over the face, to give a soft airbrushed finish. Shimmery bronzers are best avoided if you have large pores, so stick to the matte if that is you.

Using a large powder brush swirl it into the product. Tap the excess off, by lightly tapping the brush against your arm. Top tip: Don’t bang it on a table or hard surface as you can damage the coating of your brush and decrease its lifespan. Gently brush all over your face concentrating on the areas that the sun would naturally hit, as you want a natural sun kissed glow. You are ready to go! It is that easy 🙂

matte bronzers

2. ) Matte Bronzers:

Would you like to have that contoured look? Matter bronzers will help to slim the face, make the most of your good features and help to disguise some bad features!

Using a contour brush or small powder brush, swirl the brush in the product and tap off excess as before. Apply the product just under the cheek bones, then blend upwards onto the cheeks, ensuring you blend well. Then apply bronzer along the temple, so essentially this creates a C-Shape on the side of the face. Then contour the nose to slim it down, especially good if you are going to be photographed. Then run the brush under the jawline to define your jaw, you can skip this if you have a strong jaw.

Body Bronzers

3.) Body Bronzers: 

The liquid type are similar to instant tanners, they give you colour, coverage, but with the added bonus of a light shimmer, which boosts your tan and gives a golden glow. The Shimmer Balls are more of a highlighter, which will give you shimmer, but with less bronzing.

Liquid – Ensure you moisturise well before hand. Where a glove and apply all over the body, blend in quickly and in circular motions. Allow to dry then you can put your clothes on. Great for legs on summer days when you don’t want to wear tan.
Powder – Use a large brush and apply all over body, especially down the centre of legs and on decolletage.
Enjoy being a bronzed goddess! Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All the best

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Physicians Formula Comes to Ireland

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Emma Farrell Makeup Creative Team

Wednesday was a bit of a milestone here at Emma Farrell Makeup Creative. It was the first time that the whole creative team worked together officially. It was really exciting for me and felt like a bit of an epic moment, the beginning of so much to come. I have been working successfully as a freelance makeup artist for many years now and I just felt ready to take it to the next level. Having just won U Magazine Makeup Artist of the Year, it feels like the timing couldn’t be better to start the Makeup Creative and open the studios…more to come on that really soon I promise!
Our first mission as a team of makeup aficionados was to introduce the healthy and glamorous brand,  Physicians Formula. Read More