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Mineral Hygienics

My Everyday Makeup

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As a professional make-up artist I have pretty much tried most products and make-up out there, but when it comes to my own make-up I actually like to keep it very simple. The products above are what you can usually find me wearing on a daily basis, so actually not all that much.

This summer I have been mainly rocking a fresh glowing look. The reason being, even if there is no sunshine, I am going to bloody well exude light!! So to get said glow, I reach for my YSL Touche Éclat Foundation. This is a relative newby to the block and I have to say I love it! This is one of the very few foundations that I have actually bought for myself this year. I am usually sent alot of products to try for the blog and my beauty writing, so I often end up trying out lots of different foundations and go from one to the other. I was working when they did the launch for this bad boy, but I went down to Brown Thomas for my complimentary 7-Day sample (which is available to everyone by the way, so just ask!). I tried it out for a few days and got lots of compliments, so I knew I was on to a winner.

So I headed back to BT’s to buy the full size and of course I forgot to bring the sample with me. I had already been colour matched and it was perfect for me. All I could remember was that I was a B something and I thought it might be B20, but I wasn’t sure. I know what a bad memory I have so I thought it would be better that I book in for a make-over and get colour matched again, just to be sure so I could definitely get the correct colour. Plus I was meeting friends later and wasn’t going to have time to go home. Well what a mistake that was. The lady that I was booked in with was really nice person and I feel bad even writing this, but she clearly didn’t have a great knowledge of the products that she was using. She piled on some serum that they were promoting, which felt really heavy on my skin, when the foundation went to top of this, it actually congealed on my face. She was happy to leave it like that, I had to ask her to please take it off as I had lumps of congealed foundation on my face. I got her to re-apply the foundation without the serum and then it was fine. She went on to finish off the make-up, keeping it really natural. I found that overall the make-up application was a bit messy and unpolished. It is hard to say, perhaps if I was a normal customer I would have been happy. Anyway long story short I went home to discover that I looked really pale. I had a look at the sample I had and it was a B40 and the colour I had just bought was a B20. So now I had a new foundation for the kit! I didn’t realise in BTs because the lighting is so bad, you can’t really tell colours properly, which is really frustrating and must be so hard for the make-up artists to do their work properly! I eventually managed to get back into town and get the right colour for me and this is what I use as part of my everyday look. Phew! A bit long-winded there :-).

Under my eyes I use a mixture of the MAC Moisture cover undereye concealer and the Benefit Highbeam, to really brighten it up. I don’t have alot of Benefit products in my professional kit, but I like them personally because of the pretty packaging and the funny names…not a great reason to buy make-up I know, but I am a girl after all!

Image Courtesy of Temptalia.com

I love this Posietint cheek stain by Benefit, it gives me a very soft flush of colour to the cheaks and really lasts. If I am feeling like being a bit more dramatic I will sometimes layer up some Coralista blusher over this. I have kind of gone off powders for the summer, preferring to just set my foundation and blusher with a light wash of translucent powder from Mineral Hygienics. It doesn’t give a matt finish, still allowing the luminosity to show through which I love.

I then fill in my brows using a mix of the browns from this Models Own eyeshadow palette. I find that it is too loose and messy to use as an eyeshadow, but it is great for adding definition and colour to my brows, which I have to do every day, even when I am pairing back my make-up. I then put on a lick of Maybelline Falsies mascara top and bottom and I am good to go!

Pretty low maintenance for a make-up artist ay? What is your daily make-up routine? Would you wear alot of make-up or are you no fuss? Do you find it hard to get the correct colour foundation? I would love to hear about other people’s experiences when shopping for make-up.

All the best,

Emma xx

Mineral Hygienics Review

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Mineral Hygienics Ireland

If you browse the internet at all you are sure to have seen adverts for a brand called Mineral Hygienics all over the place. They seem to have banner adverts and button ads all over my favourite beauty blogs and websites. I was never a fan of Mineral Foundations, having tried them out back in 2005 when the first started making waves in the beauty world. I was highly unimpressed with the cakey, chalkey feeling of them. Anyway, I started using the Mineral Hygienics to see if anything had changed since then.

Mineral Hygeinics Foundation

But first, I thought it would be interesting to give it to a friend of mine to road test too. Two opinions is better than one! Celine Marrec has a blog about healthy living and eating, you should check it out here: http://celinemarrec.com/. She is a guru on organic fruit and veg, holistic living and so on, so I thought she would be the perfect candidate for a mineral foundation.

Here is what Celine had to say:
“I don’t have much experience with foundation as I have been using the Inika mineral one for the last 5 years but I quite like Mineral Hygienics. It is easy apply on the face, not shiny and has a great texture as well as the perfect shade for my light complexion. Best of all it lasts the whole working day which is really important.”

I personally found that this foundation was fantastic at covering my uneven skin and when used in conjunction with their setting powder it felt lovely and had a slightly dewy finish, but in a good healthy glow kind of way. Like Celine I thought that the colour range was excellent, they have alot of shades that would be well suited to Irish skin, I went for Fair and Celine used Fairest.

The great thing about this foundation is that it is truly organic and only has four simple ingredients. As it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide it offers natural, broad-spectrum sun protection effectively blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays. Also for those of you that suffer from spots, the formula is non-acnegenic/non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores or create problems with your skin, thus allowing for a flawlessly smooth complexion. It is so natural that it can even be used after skin treatments like microdermabrasion etc

You can get your own foundation kit and try it for yourself here: