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Product Spotlight: Human Kind All-in-one Body Oil

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Hello fellow beauty lovers,

Just looking outside my window now and the Irish weather is back to form! It is bucketing down with rain. When I started writing this post I had the summer in mind as it was gorgeous and sunny, but this sudden turn has put paid to that 🙂

As you may have seen on twitter and facebook I was recently flown to Marbella for a photoshoot for the tanning brand Cocoa Brown. The make-up had to be really bronzed and glowing indicative of the summer feeling, which would compliment the models Cocoa Brown Tan. Read More

Beauty Lowdown: How to Prepare Skin for Makeup

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Clean Skin Makeup
So I notice that there are alot of people a bit confused when it comes to getting their skin ready for make-up. Everything that you use under your make-up will affect the longevity of the make-up and the way that it sits on the skin. Last week I did a post about primers, well now I would like to delve a little deeper than that and talk about skincare, potions and lotions.


Merumaya Skin Care


I always recommend you start with a clean base. So if you are going out at night-time and have been wearing makeup all day in the office, I would highly recommend doing a cleanse. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full cleansing regime, but you would at least like to get rid of the oil and pollution build up from the day.


dermalogica toners


If your cleanser is creamy or oil based then it is imperative that you use a toner. If you don’t do this step, then the very oil that has cleaned your face will remove the make-up that you will apply on top of it. You will see your foundation slide or simply it won’t sit perfectly on the skin.


Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate


Now I think that serums are great for those of you that have incredibly dry skin, but it is a step that I would skip during the day for those of you with oily complexions. They are very hydrating and plumping, but can create funny issues for make-up. Serum will actually make the foundation congeal if not applied correctly. I saw this happen first hand. I popped into YSL one time for an impromptu make-up application. The make-up artist applied the YSL Youth Liberator and the YSL Touch Eclat Foundation. When I looked at my skin I was surprised to see big clumps of the foundation had curdled on my face. I had actually been using that foundation for a few weeks before that, so I knew that it was ok on my skin, I am 100% sure that it was caused by the serum. On another occasion I had a client who described her make-up sliding off her face in a slimy mess and when I pried, I discovered that on that occasion alot of serum had been applied prior to make-up application too. If you are going to use a serum you need to apply it sparingly and then allow time for it to dry before applying your foundation. So what I would usually do is apply the skincare products, then apply the eye make-up,   by the time you get to do the foundation the serums and moisturisers would have plenty of time to soak in properly.


Human Kind Skincare


Make sure you go for a moisturiser that is suitable to your skin type. If your skin is too de-hydrated, no foundation will look good, it will just get absorbed by your thirsty skin and leave it looking patchy, cakey and at worst cracked looking. If you have dry skin, you need to use a nice creamy moisturiser, but I also highly recommend a serum or a moisture booster underneath this. If on the other hand you have incredibly oily skin, make sure you use a mattifying moisturiser, this will hydrate your skin, but will also help to prevent oily breakouts later in the day.

After you have finished these steps you can then have a look at my Primer Lowdown: What are the best primers for your skintype.

I hope you have found this information useful, let me know if you have any questions.

Lots of love,