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Orlaith’s Weekly Winners : Week Two

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Orlaiths Weekly Winners - Week 2
Some girls love a heavily made up eye. Some love a strong lip. I love skin…..Like really love it. I get really excited about a makeup that makes the skin glow and the light bounces of naturally and…..I just love it ok. So flawless skin is kind of a recent obsession of mine. I have or always would have said  I have very oily skin so that combined with crows feet that shockingly appeared out of the blue one morning six months ago has led me on my quest for beautiful skin. I’m not sure if it’s the three litres of water a day, change in diet, giving up smoking or my skin care regime but something is working and for the first time I’m actually happy with my skin. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been that bothered that I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup but that fresh dewy look was always something I yearned for as opposed to a forehead as oiled up as a chipendales abs.

It was time to stock up on some of my skincare products so I thought I should share them with you for this weekly winner feature. So here we are…

1.The sea is a big passion and love in my life, it’s definitely my happy place so when I was introduced to the VOYA Organic Seaweed Range I was straight on board. They are an Irish husband and wife partnership with some really beautiful products. I use the Cleanse and Mend morning and evening with a hot facecloth, at €26 it’s a reasonable investment in your skin. No clogged pores and has some great ingredients for soothing skin plus it can actually also use as a light anti-aging moisturiser. What’s not to love? My skin feels so soft and clean afterwards, not to mention the calming chamomile and lavender aroma. I really feel if your regime/products  feel slightly luxurious then you are far more likely to stick to it and I have to say this definitely ticks that box. Well worth an investment

2.Dermalogica Multi Active Toner spritz is a super hydrating and balancing toner. My skin always looks glowing and fresh afterwards without the tight feeling. The Lavender Extract is a natural antiseptic which soothes and purifies the skin. Balm Mint and Aloe Vera cool and soften the skin. Extracts of Arnica and Cucumber are natural skin fresheners and help condition skin allowing it to take in even more moisture. A really great product and at €29 on Beautyskincare.ie worth every penny (If you find it anywhere cheaper again please let me know!!)

3. Anyone who knows me knows I wax lyrical about Rimmel’s ‘Wake me Up’ Foundation. I can’t say enough about this and if I could use it on everyones skin I would…but I can’t sob sob. Coverage is fab, I really like the smell, there is loads in the bottle, most can find the right shade for them and it’s such a beautiful and dewy  finish. It looks natural, glowing and leaves your skin feeling moisturised and healthy Only thing though….. for the oiler out there it’s not ideal. Even with a primer staying power isn’t anything past a few hours. But if you can manage to deal with the payoff for a beautiful finish then excellent. Just suck it up and have yer blot powder at the ready….it’s worth it. Retailing at €10.99  with a SPF 15

4. MUD Loose Powder. As with any sebaceously challenged lady I tend to have more of a problem with makeup staying  below the eye. It just does not stay. However I have a secret weapon.  This finely milled powder sets my makeup perfectly. If anyone has ever used the Makeup Forever HD Microfinish powder you’ll definitely like this! MUD Cosmetics Loose Powder features an ultra-light texture that evenly covers the your skin without settling into fine lines for a really gorgeous smooth finish. You can use it as a setting powder of alone to mattify and give a photoshop finish!

5. Finally we have a few spring colour additions to the Colour Crush Sheer lipstick €12.95 range from the Body Shop. I like these a lot, particularly the packaging. To top off a natural look just lash a little on the lips and cheeks for a lovely natural pink cheek with a little shimmer.The lipstick itself is extremely soft  to apply with a non sticky formulation which feels lovely and light and moisturising on the lips, this is down to the Marula oil it contains. I will say the staying power of the colour is pretty average with a three hour max window but there are some gorgeous sheer spring shades and with something that feels so nice on your lips there has to be a little give somewhere.

That is all for this weeks installment. If you have any questions or comments whatsoever please do so below and I’ll get straight back to you!

Happy Easter everyone 🙂

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Beauty Lowdown: How to Prepare Skin for Makeup

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Clean Skin Makeup
So I notice that there are alot of people a bit confused when it comes to getting their skin ready for make-up. Everything that you use under your make-up will affect the longevity of the make-up and the way that it sits on the skin. Last week I did a post about primers, well now I would like to delve a little deeper than that and talk about skincare, potions and lotions.


Merumaya Skin Care


I always recommend you start with a clean base. So if you are going out at night-time and have been wearing makeup all day in the office, I would highly recommend doing a cleanse. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full cleansing regime, but you would at least like to get rid of the oil and pollution build up from the day.


dermalogica toners


If your cleanser is creamy or oil based then it is imperative that you use a toner. If you don’t do this step, then the very oil that has cleaned your face will remove the make-up that you will apply on top of it. You will see your foundation slide or simply it won’t sit perfectly on the skin.


Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate


Now I think that serums are great for those of you that have incredibly dry skin, but it is a step that I would skip during the day for those of you with oily complexions. They are very hydrating and plumping, but can create funny issues for make-up. Serum will actually make the foundation congeal if not applied correctly. I saw this happen first hand. I popped into YSL one time for an impromptu make-up application. The make-up artist applied the YSL Youth Liberator and the YSL Touch Eclat Foundation. When I looked at my skin I was surprised to see big clumps of the foundation had curdled on my face. I had actually been using that foundation for a few weeks before that, so I knew that it was ok on my skin, I am 100% sure that it was caused by the serum. On another occasion I had a client who described her make-up sliding off her face in a slimy mess and when I pried, I discovered that on that occasion alot of serum had been applied prior to make-up application too. If you are going to use a serum you need to apply it sparingly and then allow time for it to dry before applying your foundation. So what I would usually do is apply the skincare products, then apply the eye make-up,   by the time you get to do the foundation the serums and moisturisers would have plenty of time to soak in properly.


Human Kind Skincare


Make sure you go for a moisturiser that is suitable to your skin type. If your skin is too de-hydrated, no foundation will look good, it will just get absorbed by your thirsty skin and leave it looking patchy, cakey and at worst cracked looking. If you have dry skin, you need to use a nice creamy moisturiser, but I also highly recommend a serum or a moisture booster underneath this. If on the other hand you have incredibly oily skin, make sure you use a mattifying moisturiser, this will hydrate your skin, but will also help to prevent oily breakouts later in the day.

After you have finished these steps you can then have a look at my Primer Lowdown: What are the best primers for your skintype.

I hope you have found this information useful, let me know if you have any questions.

Lots of love,



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Holidays San Francisco

I had hoped to write this post before I went away, but it was just too hectic and I didn’t have a minute. I even had to do an all nighter before going away, so I was wrecked to say the very least and very much in need of the holiday! I had wedding trials, tv show to design, blog posts for a new blog I write for as well as some editorial for a magazine! I ended up packing at 3am and I had to be in the airport for 6.30am 🙂

So I have seen on other blogs that people showed what products they bring away with them. I love these posts and I found it really helpful when trying to plan what to bring. So here is what I brought myself. It is more skincare heavy than make-up, because I knew I was going to buy loads of make-up while away…which has turned out to be true, more on that next time.

Skincare for Holidays


Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute – Light – This is a beautifully scented moisturiser that is not to heavy and is great for the hot weather. It is perfect for my combination skin, keeping my oily nose at bay as well as keeping the rest of my skin nourished.

Kiehl’s Lip Blam #1 – This is hands down the best lip hydrater on the planet. It soothes dry parched lips and gives them a plump feeling. When I was younger always get cold sores on holidays, because no matter what I used on my lips, they would get dry and damaged and then the blasted viral infection would attack. Well not anymore, this is my no.1 defense!

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant Plus – I apply this before I get onto the plane to really shield my skin and keep it hydrated throughout the flight. I find the air conditioning on long haul flights can take it out of your skin. Then while on holidays I like to apply this to wet skin just after the shower.

Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster – Throughout the flight I will regularly apply this on my skin, it is so refreshing and has ultra-soothing botanicals that help calm and hydrate sensitized skin.

La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale Spring Water – A fantastic pick me up on a hot day, love spritzing this over my face and on my pulse points to cool me down.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil – I use this to remove mascara and heavy eye make-up, I then use a flannel and lukewarm water to clean my face. I will always try and get samples of products to bring away so that you aren’t carrying too much weight.

The Body Shop Mango Scrub – I always use a scrub to get rid of any dry skin as I find that it helps to make my tan last longer.


Sun Protection:

Avene Very High Protection Spray and Face Cream SPF50 – I never scrimp on your sun factor, it is just not worth getting burnt! I love Avenes products because they are not too thick, rub in really easily while still giving great protection.

Ambre Solaire Medium Protection & Aftersun – Normally will use this when I know I won’t be in the sun for long. Usually bring aftersun, just incase I get burnt, but rarely use it.



The Body Shop Mango Body Butter – I am a huge fan of layering scents. So I would usually use a number of products that compliment each other. At the moment I use quite the cocktail of fragrances. I apply this after I have a shower.

Bath and Bodyworks Midnight Pomegranate Body Spray – I spray this all over my body after the body butter.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle – I love the fresh youthful sweetness of this perfume and it works perfectly in hot weather as it is not too heavy.

Mitchum Deodorant – I have been using this deodorant for years and it is fantastic for keeping you cool even during the hottest weather.


Head and Shoulders – I recently changed my hair care products and had quite a terrible reaction. I ended up with a rash and dry flaky scalp, so have been using this good old favourite to clear it up.

L’oreal Professional Mythic Oil – Instead of using a conditioner on holidays, I will opt for a leave in hair oil. The avocado and grape seed oil in this product help to counter act the drying effects of the sun, sea and sand!


I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did, be sure to check out the follow up to this: Holiday Makeup which is coming soon. What are your favorite products to bring on holidays? Do let me know as I love hearing from people.


Lots of love,



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Be Skinsafe – Fight Aging and Prevent Cancer

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ICS Sun Smart launch 1

I was looking through some work from last year when I realised I never posted about this little shoot I did for the Irish Cancer Society. When I was younger I never looked after my skin. I used to use facewipes, not wear sunscrean and even did the occasional sunbed!!! (I know, very silly, but I was young and irreverent).

How times have changed. I now have a 5 step daily skincare routine (precleanse, facewash, skin hydration booster, moisturiser, eyecream), as well as exfoliating twice a week. Also, most importantly I now wear sunscreen every single day. I love the Pure Light moisturiser from Dermalogica, it hydrates my skin without making it feel oily, it is lightweight enough to wear under my make-up and it also protects me from the sun. Plus it has really improved the unevenness of my skin, getting rid of that pesky bit of pigmentation that I had on my upper lip that somewhat resembled a moustache.

Pure Light SPF30 Dermalogica

Seriously, it is really important to look after your skin. According to cancer.ie. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer found in Ireland and one in three people in Ireland will develop cancer during their lifetime. 50% of cancers are preventable!

For the last few years I was a volunteer with the Look Good Feel Better programme. It was a really beneficial programme where make-up artists and wig specialists would visit hospitals in Ireland and teach beauty techniques to cancer patients to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of their cancer treatment. I would come face to face with so many ladies that were dealing with cancer and it really opened my eyes. Cancer doesn’t just affect the old, many of the patients were young, in their 40s, also there were plenty that I would say were the same age as I am 28. Unfortunately the programme was ended due to lack of funding, a very sad sad day in my eyes.

For those of you unlucky enough to have been diagnosed with cancer of any type who may be reading this, please get in touch if you have any beauty related questions that I might be able to help you with. It could be anything on how to get the right brow shape, to how to get rid of redness etc. If your skin is highly sensitised since you have been getting treatment, I can highly recommend Avene Skincare products, they are extremely gentle and formulated especially for sensitive skin. Also they have recently brought out a tinted compact. Which gives great coverage as well as a high spf protection.

Avene Skincare Makeup

With all this in mind, it is so important to protect your skin everytime you leave the house with a good SPF(Sun Protection Factor). A lot of people I talk to, don’t realise that there is actually a formula for SPF to help you choose what is the correct number for you. Have you ever spent the whole day out in the sun, had your high spf on but still burnt? Well it could be because you didn’t have a high enough one on, or you could have spent too much time in the sun. If in doubt follow this formula:

Figure out how long can you stay in the sun without any sun protection on before getting burnt. Then you multiply this by your chosen factor to see how much longer you can stay in the sun with it on. For example, most Irish people can probably stay in the sun for 15 minutes before burning. If you choose an SPF of 10, you could stay in the sun for 150 minutes before burning. 15min x SPF10 = 150 minutes or 2.5 hours. So if you plan on staying in the sun all day on holidays, an SPF of at least 40 is a must!

When you go out in the sun, at home or abroad, there are no excuses, be skin safe!

Emma xx