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Sneaky Back to School Makeup

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School Makeup
Hey, my name is Brianna and I’m new to the EF Creative Blog!

I’ve just started work experience here at the Emma Farrell Creative Studios, and another thing that I’ve just started is, you’ve guessed it, school. I know what you’re thinking, I know so many of you can probably relate: School equals early mornings, long, boring classes, too much homework, misunderstanding teachers and in the majority of cases in Irish schools, NO MAKE UP. Read More

Orlaith’s Weekly Winners : Week Two

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Orlaiths Weekly Winners - Week 2
Some girls love a heavily made up eye. Some love a strong lip. I love skin…..Like really love it. I get really excited about a makeup that makes the skin glow and the light bounces of naturally and…..I just love it ok. So flawless skin is kind of a recent obsession of mine. I have or always would have said  I have very oily skin so that combined with crows feet that shockingly appeared out of the blue one morning six months ago has led me on my quest for beautiful skin. I’m not sure if it’s the three litres of water a day, change in diet, giving up smoking or my skin care regime but something is working and for the first time I’m actually happy with my skin. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been that bothered that I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup but that fresh dewy look was always something I yearned for as opposed to a forehead as oiled up as a chipendales abs.

It was time to stock up on some of my skincare products so I thought I should share them with you for this weekly winner feature. So here we are…

1.The sea is a big passion and love in my life, it’s definitely my happy place so when I was introduced to the VOYA Organic Seaweed Range I was straight on board. They are an Irish husband and wife partnership with some really beautiful products. I use the Cleanse and Mend morning and evening with a hot facecloth, at €26 it’s a reasonable investment in your skin. No clogged pores and has some great ingredients for soothing skin plus it can actually also use as a light anti-aging moisturiser. What’s not to love? My skin feels so soft and clean afterwards, not to mention the calming chamomile and lavender aroma. I really feel if your regime/products  feel slightly luxurious then you are far more likely to stick to it and I have to say this definitely ticks that box. Well worth an investment

2.Dermalogica Multi Active Toner spritz is a super hydrating and balancing toner. My skin always looks glowing and fresh afterwards without the tight feeling. The Lavender Extract is a natural antiseptic which soothes and purifies the skin. Balm Mint and Aloe Vera cool and soften the skin. Extracts of Arnica and Cucumber are natural skin fresheners and help condition skin allowing it to take in even more moisture. A really great product and at €29 on Beautyskincare.ie worth every penny (If you find it anywhere cheaper again please let me know!!)

3. Anyone who knows me knows I wax lyrical about Rimmel’s ‘Wake me Up’ Foundation. I can’t say enough about this and if I could use it on everyones skin I would…but I can’t sob sob. Coverage is fab, I really like the smell, there is loads in the bottle, most can find the right shade for them and it’s such a beautiful and dewy  finish. It looks natural, glowing and leaves your skin feeling moisturised and healthy Only thing though….. for the oiler out there it’s not ideal. Even with a primer staying power isn’t anything past a few hours. But if you can manage to deal with the payoff for a beautiful finish then excellent. Just suck it up and have yer blot powder at the ready….it’s worth it. Retailing at €10.99  with a SPF 15

4. MUD Loose Powder. As with any sebaceously challenged lady I tend to have more of a problem with makeup staying  below the eye. It just does not stay. However I have a secret weapon.  This finely milled powder sets my makeup perfectly. If anyone has ever used the Makeup Forever HD Microfinish powder you’ll definitely like this! MUD Cosmetics Loose Powder features an ultra-light texture that evenly covers the your skin without settling into fine lines for a really gorgeous smooth finish. You can use it as a setting powder of alone to mattify and give a photoshop finish!

5. Finally we have a few spring colour additions to the Colour Crush Sheer lipstick €12.95 range from the Body Shop. I like these a lot, particularly the packaging. To top off a natural look just lash a little on the lips and cheeks for a lovely natural pink cheek with a little shimmer.The lipstick itself is extremely soft  to apply with a non sticky formulation which feels lovely and light and moisturising on the lips, this is down to the Marula oil it contains. I will say the staying power of the colour is pretty average with a three hour max window but there are some gorgeous sheer spring shades and with something that feels so nice on your lips there has to be a little give somewhere.

That is all for this weeks installment. If you have any questions or comments whatsoever please do so below and I’ll get straight back to you!

Happy Easter everyone 🙂

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International Women’s Day 8th March 2014

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Hello Fellow Ladies!

It is that time of the year when we all get to put aside the trials and tribulations of being a women (you know, not being tall enough to reach the top cupboard, inequality in the workplace, that kind of thing) and actually embrace our feminity. Yes it is international women’s day. So why should we celebrate International Women’s Day you ask? It is a day dedicated to honouring our important contribution to society as well as highlighting the need for gender equality. You would probably be a little surprised to hear that I consider myself a feminist, it probably doesn’t fit with the “bra burning stereotype” when I am into makeup and frivolous cutesy things, but the stereotype is a myth. The modern feminist is a woman who realises and embraces their female aspects whilst still believing that they should have the same rights as men in the workplace, society and the home. I certainly believe that we are getting there, in comparisson to years ago in Ireland when a women wasn’t alowed to continue work once she was married. However we still have a long way to go when you consider Irish women earn less than men, despite more women having third level qualifications. We are also under-represented in boards of management in Irish Companies as well as the Oireachtais and in local and regional authorities. Even in the female rich industry that I work in, many of the most successful companies are run by men! Read More

Valentines Day

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Hello Lovelies!

So it’s that time of the year again. Pictures of bouquet of roses clutter your Facebook news feed, booking a table in your favourite restauraunt is near impossible and those of us who are single are given a sympathetic ‘are you doing anything tonight?’ question along with a head tilt. Personally I’ve never really bought into romance aspect of the day but have always enjoyed the gifts 🙂 So this year, whether you love or loathe Valentines day why not make it a day to proclaim love to yourself?! Why not spoil yourself? God knows you deserve it 🙂

I’ve put together a few items that I spotted to help with the romancing. These few products will be sure to have you positively glowing, Enjoy!

  1. The Body Shop Chocolate and Strawberry Shower Gel Duo, €9.95 for sweet smelling and seductively soft skin!

  2. Too Faced Sweetheart blush. A trio-color blush packed into one pretty heart.Three perfect of ultraflattering blushes allow you to either swirl the colors together and apply as a beautiful buildable finish or use more of one shade for a custom cheek colour or highlight. €33.50 in Debenhams
  3. The Body Shop Strawberry Selection Heart Tin €29.95 for strawberry delight from lips to complete body this set will leave your skin feeling super soft and sweet smelling.

  4. Nars Babydoll lip lacquer €25. This is an amazing product with a beautiful baby pink shine. Longlasting and hydrating, leaving your lips in perfect condition for some Valentines smooching 🙂

  5. And for those not quite able to meet the Nars pricetag try the Essence XXXL long lasting lip gloss in ’01 Babydoll’s favourite’. At €2.89 this is an absolute BARGAIN!
  6. Finally, I couldn’t resist some chocolates 🙂 13 gorgeous truffle milk chocolates in a great little reusable tin from Butlers, all for €6.50 – nom nom nom….

So whatever you ladies get up to this Valentines at least you’ll be glowing from tip to toe 🙂

Lots of Love,

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Get the Look:1950’s Marlyin Monroe

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get the look, 1950s, marilyn monroe


Hello my fellow beauty babes!

I regularly get requests from followers to do a series of blogs/tutorials on iconic make up looks. With Halloween ahead I thought this could be helpful for recreating some vintage looks. There can be a lot of confusion over the different eras so I have decided it was time to distinguish between them and share how I achieve them, some of which are my favourite and the most glamorous of eras. Who better to start this series with the none other than the iconic Marylin Monroe.  Read More

Product Review: The Body Shop Honeymania range

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honeymania body shop

Hello beauty babes!

With the cooler weather setting in we are all starting to cover up a little more and the tan application has come to a grinding halt 🙂 So who better to treat your over tanned/sunned/dried out skin than The Body Shop! I’m a huge fan of all Body Shop products so was very excited to try this Honeymania range  including a shower gel, body exfoliator, body butter.  Read More

Beauty News: EU Ban on Animal Testing

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Animal Testing EU Ban

Hello fellow beauty junkies.

This is a great week for all my fellow animal-loving-makeup-wearers! The European Union has finally banned the sale of animal tested cosmetics. This means that all cosmetic products and ingredients in the EU and more importantly outside the EU can no longer be sold here.Testing finished-cosmetic-products on animals has banned in the European Union since 2004, as with animal testing of ingredients since 2009. In addition to these prohibitions, from March 2009 there had been a marketing ban on selling cosmetic products within the EU containing ingredients that have been tested on animals after this date, irrespective of the place of testing. However, because of some very complex tests for which there was no alternative method available (apparently) they were allowed to continue in certain cases until a later deadline the 11th March 2013 which was yesterday! Happy Days 🙂

I thought I would share the following image with you to demonstrate why this is SO IMPORTANT, I really am sorry if you are disgusted by this, but there is just no reason that I can sugar coat what actually happens when companies test on animals.

Animal Testing Horrible Images

I just really feel strongly that it is not necessary to test on animals for the cosmetic industry, I don’t care if it means that the best anti-wrinkle cream or lipstick will never be invented. How we look and the products that we use to make ourselves feel better pale in significance in comparison to the value of an animal’s quality of life.

I would like to give a shout out to the many companies that paved the way against animal testing and that have had it in their ethos from the very start even before it became mandatory. The Body Shop, Urban Decay, ELF and OCC Cosmetics.

ELF Cosmetics Ireland

The-Body-Shop-logo-007urban decay logo

The other good news is that the European Commission is not going to stop there. They intend to continue supporting the development of alternative methods and to engage with third world countries to follow our European approach.

So how do you guys feel about this issue? Is it something that is important to you?

Lots of love,



Stop Animal Testing

Beauty News: Leona Lewis Partners with The Body Shop

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February 28th2013. Ethical beauty retailer The Body Shop is proud to reveal today that British singer and global superstarLeona Lewis has become its new Brand Activist.


Seven years since her triumph on The X Factor (UK), Leona has twenty million album sales and a glittering collection of awards and award nominations, yet remains grounded and true to her beliefs. An animal lover and long-time vegetarian, Leona is the perfect partner for The Body Shop and its unique vision of cruelty-free beauty.


As part of the partnership, one of Leona’s first activities is to help The Body Shop and NGO Cruelty Free International in their joint, global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics forever, building on the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics which comes into effect on March 11th this year.


Leona has also put her name to an exclusive cruelty-free make-up and fragrance collection, the Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis. Featuring 100% vegetarian cosmetics in fashion-forward shades, the Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis features quirky packaging with a floral deer motif, celebrating the fact that The Body Shop was one of the first beauty brands to use cruelty-free, man-made musk instead of musk derived from the musk deer. The Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis is available at selected stores from Thursday, 4th April 2013.


To celebrate the partnership, Leona will also be holding an exclusive gig for fans which will be live streamed on March 26th 2013.  For more information on the gig, follow The Body Shop Ireland on Facebook.


Leona Lewis says: “I’m passionate about beauty and I’m all about animal rights. As a result, I’m really conscious of where the products that I use come from. The Body Shop sells cruelty free, ethical products containing amazing Community Fair Trade ingredients. The collaboration is a natural fit!