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Barry M

Irish Times: Get Cher Lloyds Look: I Want you Back

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You might of seen this already but for those of you who didn’t I had a little article on the Irish Times Blog: Fash Mob you can check it out here. I also posted it here incase you are too lazy to click the link 😉

Irish Times Top Image copy

Cher is rocking a beautiful fresh faced look with soft pastels, but has given it a modern twist, with a pop of lavender on the lip.

Cher Llyod Foundation

To create this look yourself you need to start with luminous flawless skin. To get the glowing base, prep the skin with an iridescent primer like MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream. If you have oily skin they now have a light version. To even out the skin tone use a foundation on the centre of your face blending up and outwards. Lancome Teint Miracle is the perfect foundation to create this beautiful fresh look. Cher has no hint of undereye circles, but for those of us that might not be as well rested, a heavy duty concealer like Benefit’s Erase Paste is just the ticket. Use a soft sheer powder like MAC Mineralise Skin Finish to set the make-up but not lose any of the luminosity. To recreate Cher’s envious bone structure contouring with any matt bronzer or taupe eyeshadow is essential. Lightly sweep this on with a soft blusher brush in a C-Shape going from the side of the forehead around and under the cheek bones. Blend this out to avoid the heavy look popularised by the 80s! After this is applied use a subtle peachy blusher like Benefit Coralista on the apples of the cheeks to keep the skin tone healthy looking.

Close up of Cher Llyod Eye Makeup

With Urban Decays 24/7 Eyeshadow pencil in Delinquent generously line around the top and bottom lashline, smudge this out gently with a dense brush, I love No.7s Smokey Eyeliner Brush (which happily is free with the €7.50 Boots vouchers). This creates a soft wash of purple. Layered on top of this is a dramatic black eyeliner. Use a waterproof gel liner like BobbI Brown Black Ink and a very thin brush (I like to use a small watercolour paintbrush from the Art and Hobby Shop). Thickly line the eyes on top, coming to a slight point at the outter edges. Then line the bottom waterline with an Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Perversion. This is by far THE BEST black eyeliner out there, as once dry it is waterproof and doesn’t budge. To finish of the eyes, apply feathery lashes that add volume and density. The Illamasqua No.16s are great, although there are no Illamsqua stores in Ireland anymore you can still buy their products online. Top this with lashings of mascara to blend them in.

Cher Llyod Eye Makeup

Complete the look with a fantastic lippy from Barry M called Palest Lavender. Top this up with YSL Golden Lavender lip gloss to create sparkle and shine. It is a more unusual choice for the lips, but is a great alternative to a nude lip and surprisingly suits most complexions, so go on try it!

Cher Llyod Purple Lipstick

My Professional Makeup Kit – Part 3

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Various Eyeshadows - MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Dior Pigments MAC Cosmetics

My Professional Make-up Kit – Eyes No.1

Nars – Night Breed
MAC Glitter – Crystalled Lime
MAC Glitter – Reflects Pearl x2
MAC Glitter – Reflects Bronze
Unknown Glitter – Silver
Unknown Glitter – Various in Stack
MAC Pigment – Neo Orange
MAC Pigment – Fuchsia
MAC Pigment – Golden Lemon
MAC Pigment – Gold
MAC Pigment – Cheers My Dear!
MAC Pigment – Softwash Grey
MAC Pigment – Gift O’ Glamour
MAC Pigment – Silver Fog
MAC Pigment – Mauvement
MAC Pigment – Gold Mode
MAC Pigment – Most Darling
MAC Pigment – Gilded Green
MAC Pearlized Pigment Clusters – Impassioned
Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette – No. 6
Barry M Dazzle Dust – Green
Barry M Dazzle Dust – White
Barry M Dazzle Dust – Blue
Naked Pigment – Sierra Nevada 01
Naked Pigment – Sierra Nevada 02
Naked Pigment – Sierra Nevada 03
Naked Pigment – Sierra Nevada 04
Naked Pigment – Sierra Nevada 05
Naked Pigment – Sierra Nevada 06
Bobbi Brown – Duo Eyeshadow Bone & Mahogany

Eyeshadow Palette No. 1:
MAC – Free to Be
MAC – Passionate
MAC – Vibrant Grape
MAC – Swiss Chocolate
MAC – Shadowy Lady
MAC – Pink Venus
MAC – Cranberry
MAC – Plum Dressing
MAC – Texture
MAC – Satin Taupe
MAC – Twinks
MAC – Mulch
MAC – Trax
Lancome Lilac
Urban Decay – Midnight Cowboy

Eyeshadow Palette No. 2:
MAC -White
MAC -Brule
MAC -Orb
MAC -Kid
MAC -All that Glitters
MAC -Forgery
Lancome – Bain D’or
MAC – Shroom
Lancome – Moonlit
MAC – Cork
MAC – Brun
MAC – Wedge
MAC – Copperplate
MAC – Tete e Tint
MAC – Mulch

Eyeshadow Palette No. 3:
MAC -Plumage
MAC -Club
MAC -Sumptuous Olive
MAC -Dazzlelight
MAC -Blue Calm
MAC -Steamy
MAC – Bio Green
MAC – Bright Sunshine
Lancome – Creme
Urban Decay – Goddess
MAC – Deep Truth
MAC – Humid
MAC – Rule
MAC – Carbon
MAC – Mulch

Eyeshadow Palette No. 4:
Estée Lauder -Vanilla
Estée Lauder -Ginger Drop
Estée Lauder – Sand Box
Estée Lauder – Amethyst
Estée Lauder – Bronze Cube
Estée Lauder – Camouflage
Estée Lauder – Cinnamon
Estée Lauder – Honey Drop
Estée Lauder – Mocha Cup
Estée Lauder – Pale Moon
Estée Lauder – Mink
Estée Lauder – Ivory Box
Estée Lauder – Berry
Estée Lauder – Rose
Estée Lauder – Sugar Cube

Eyeshadow Palette No. 5:
Logona Blusher – Apricot
Logona Blusher – Peach
Logona Blusher – Mauve
Estée Lauder – Honey Drop
Estée Lauder – Amethyst
Estée Lauder – Grey
Bobby Brown – Bone
Bobby Brown – Blonde
Bobby Brown – Taupe
Bobby Brown – Mahogany
Dior 5 Coleurs Palette – Black, Grey, White, Lilac, Purples
Dior 5 Coleurs – Peach, Green, Blue, Grey, Brown