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Real Brides: Dawn O’Brien

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I had the pleasure of doing Dawn’s make-up on the 16th May 2011 in Cabra Castle. She absolutely loves the colour purple, so was pretty sure that she wanted to go with pinks and purples for her make-up too. This worked really well on her as she has green eyes, so it really made her eyes glow!

We were supposed to cover her tattoo on her arm, but in the end she decided not to bother because it is a part of her…I think I would probably be the same if I had a tattoo, sure it is part of you! I would be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this. Would you cover your tattoo? If yes, why?

Bride: Dawn O’Brien
Photographer: Michael Crean @ Crean Photo
Make-Up: Emma Farrell @ Bridal Makeup
Venue: Cabra Castle


Purple Bridal Makeup Examples

Michael Crean Photography

Purple and Pink Wedding Makeup

Michael Crean Photography

Bridal Makeup

Michael Crean Photography


Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas

Michael Crean Photography










Bridal Make-up: Jenny Evans (nee Corrigan)

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Hi Guys, so sorry it has been aaaages since I last posted! I have just been super busy. Anyway, here are a couple of images from a wedding that I did last year that one of my brides kindly sent me. I am hoping to update my the website with newer images of my work, so watch this space 🙂

Jenny Evans Bridal Makeup


Bride: Jennifer Corrigan
Make-up: Emma Farrell @ Bridal Hair and Make-up
Photography: Andrew Miller @ Andrew Miller Wedding Photography

Behind the Scenes: Bridal Photoshoot Sarah Foy Designs

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I did a photoshoot recently for the top Wedding Designer Sarah Foy. She has a gorgeous collection of dresses and can make an individual design for your wedding day. I think if I was getting married I would definitely go down this line. Here are some behind the scenes photos of the day, which was in Clontarf, Dublin 3. Will show you the actual shots when I get them.

Photographer: Brendan Lyon @ Belle Photography
Dresses: Sarah @ Sarah Foy Designs
Model: Lisa Ní Chearbhalláin @ Freelance
Hair and Make-up: Me @ Bridal Hair and Makeup

Bridal Makeup Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

Bridal Makeup Dublin

Emma Applying Bridal Makeup Dublin

Bobbi Brown Personal Make-Up Palette

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Me likey alot!

Sick of carrying a ton of slap around with you, just to maintain the perfect look? Always manage to drop and smash an AWOL  eyeshadow, that jumps kamikaze style out of your bulging handbag? Want to try and reduce the space when travelling but can’t give up your make-up?

Well Bobbi Brown have the answer. They have come up with a nifty idea of making your own personalised palette where you can keep all your beauty must haves in one personalised compact. I always keep an eye out for palettes and have been known to buy a few in my time, but I always end up with shades that I don’t use and this can be a waste too. However with Bobby Brown you choose what goes into it. It’s really slim and you can fit nearly everything you need into it, eyeshadow, blusher, lip gloss and even foundation! There is a melted down version of their foundation sticks. This is a great portable make-up kit.


So I decided to get my own make-up palette and bring you through the steps.  This one would be ideal for a bride on her wedding day, or for a natural beauty look. I did notice that the colour swatches aren’t an exact representation of the actual colour, so just be careful! I have used alot of these shades before so I know what they are actually like.
1.) Choose which Palette you would like:

2.) Then it is on to selecting the eyeshadows. I have kept them very neutral and matt. The reason that we use matt eyeshadows for bridal make-up is because it looks beautifully natural. I have chosen “Bone” this is a great base eyeshadow  and for placing under the eyebrow. I find that this is one of the eyeshadows in my kit that I can never get enough of.


3.) The second eyeshadow to be popped in is Hot Stone. This is a warm brown that I like to place on the lid for a lovely natural, but pretty eye.


4.) The third is Espresso. This is a great defining colour and adds a bit of drama to a look. I use this in the socket and ensure that it is nice and smokey. I also like to use it as an eyeliner for both the top and bottom of the eye. It makes for a nice soft alternative to say a liquid or gel liner.


5.) Just went for a really soft gorgeous blusher called Tawny that gives you a lovely flush of colour. This will suit most undertones.


6.) Lipgloss in Cherry Pink, a  vibrant pink that makes your lips look irresistibly kissable. Gorgeous worn lightly during the day or pile it on for a more intense colour at night.


7.) Lipgloss in Pink Cloud, this is a gorgeous marshmallowy sweet lipgloss, beautiful worn for a day look.


Et Voila! Beautiful Make-Up nicely compacted for your handbag, I am an instant fan and I think you will be too. My only little gripe is that I think you should get a huge discount for buying it all together…it gets a little expensive. Thats all I got this time, but I think the next time I will investigate the foundation and also the quad lipgloss set…four miniature pink glosses that only take up one space in the palette, but thats another days work (and paycheck)!

Laters xx

Make-Up and Style Press Releases

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I have been wondering if the downturn has effected the wedding industry or not and how this would affect me as a make-up artist…from my research it would seem that it hasn’t. People are just keen to get value for money now, aware that with the financial crisis there is a real opportunity for a bargain. I think if you offer quality service for good value you will always be kept in business.

A fellow make-up artist in Ireland has this to say in a recent press release:

Co. Clare, Ireland — 05 May. 2009 — Irish Brides-To-Be searching for the perfect choice of makeup artist have had their prayers answered with the launch of ‘Makeup By Gillian’ in County Clare.

Gillian Dunphy, a professional freelance makeup artist specialising in weddings, says that the economic downturn has had little impact on the number of couples deciding to walk down the aisle.

“The demand for Makeup Artists is as strong as ever. However, most brides are looking for more competitive rates without jeopardising how they look on their Big Day. Like every other sector, the wedding industry has had to adapt by offering clients a quality service at a reasonable cost”, stated Ms. Dunphy.

She said that there was a common perception of makeup artists being overly expensive.

“This could not be further from the truth”, stated Ms. Dunphy, “Price being hiked for Brides To Be is an unethical and wrong business practice but is less frequent than it would have been in the past. The vast majority of practicing makeup artists in Ireland are today professionally trained and are cogently aware of the financial burdens placed on couples getting married. Makeup By Gillian, for example, offers special rates to anyone getting married”

She noted that the Internet had played a major role in making the wedding sector more competitive for service providers and customers.

”The Internet has allowed customers to discover these special offers and to compare one service over another. This can only have positive consequences for the sector as it too attempts to devise business strategies in response to the current economic downturn”, Ms Dunphy concluded.


I  am always keen on learning more about style and fashion. Now it seems it is made easy for you with styling classes from Style Fish:

Co. Kildare, Ireland — 09 Apr. 2009 — In times when all we seem to be hearing about is DOOM & GLOOM – WWW.STYLEFISH.IE HAS ARRIVED TO BRING A SMILE TO THE FACES OF THE WOMEN OF IRELAND!

Walking in a woman’s shoes nowadays can be tough. With children, husbands, work, mums, friends all to keep happy, but what about you?!
Sophia Loren once said “A woman’s clothes should be like a barbed wire fence, serving their purpose without obstructing the view!” While the clothes we wear will never make us who we are, what we wear & how we feel in our clothes has a huge affect on our self-confidence & that helps make us who we are. Style fish was set up by Julie Cobbe to inspire women to find, develop & have fun with their style & beauty in an inspirational 8 week programme just for women! Making that ‘Stylish’ feeling accessible to women everywhere no matter what your lifestyle or budget! Someone once said ‘Men look at themselves in mirrors, women look for themselves.’ Women see a deeper meaning in themselves and sometimes just sometimes need a little help to see what they know to already be there. Style fish has done the research, asked the questions, road tested the classes & this ladies is what you have asked for! From body shapes to bras, from your colours to your closet, make-up to hair, confidence to calories, clothes swapping to clothes shopping and everything in between its not about buying more clothes its about understanding what suits you & what doesn’t, how to put together the clothes you have & how to get away from the ‘Nothing to wear’ Syndrome!
Each lady will walk away with their very own personalised‘Style fish Fashion Bible’, full body & colour analysis, exclusive Style Fish Membership Card with 12 months of offers, discounts & ‘extras’ all for you. Tailormade for you, Saving you so much money all in an inspirational & fun class setting!
Julie is a qualified Style Coach. She has worked in fashion & weddings in London, has been involved in bringing Ireland’s first ever designer Wedding Dress Sample Sale, Billion Dollar Brides to Ireland, she has appeared on TV3’s ‘Xpose’ & has written for numerous fashion publications on everything from fashion & weddings to life & love.
“You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on personal shoppers & consultations, it is the financially friendly solution – educating you! It’s simple, its cost effective, its fun & it will give you everything you need to totally transform how you feel about yourself & your style!” Julie
For further Information contact julie@stylefish.ie/ 087 4130336 or check out www.stylefish.ie
Starting Laois; Thur 16th April, Maldron Hotel, Portlaoise/Time; 7.30 – 9.30pm/ Cost €299
Starting Kildare; Tues 28th Apr/ Venue; Osprey Hotel, Naas/ Time; 7.30-9.30pm/ Cost; €299
Starting Dublin; Mon 18th May/ Venue; Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Naas Road, Dublin/ Time; 7.30pm – 9.30pm/ Cost; €299


Co. Dublin, Ireland — 06 Feb. 2009

Fee G is an independent Irish Fashion House based in Dublin. Fee G was founded in 2003 by Fiona Heaney and her partner Don Gormley, under the Fee G label.
Graduating from NCAD Dublin, Fiona worked internationally and in Dublin before launching her own collection with it’s distinctive style.
The SS09 collection makes a strong statement by juxtaposing classic silhouettes with bright colour and vibrant pattern.
Luxurious fabrics, silks and linen blends are teamed with quirky unique embellishments and embroideries. Each garment is created with love and is designed to make the wearer feel beautiful and feminine.

The collection is stocked in over 120 boutiques in Ireland and the UK. Images are available at a high resolution for printing.
Contact design@feeg.ie for more information regarding the brand.

Which Bride are you?

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Which Bride are you? Just got my usual dose of fashion from Vogue. There was a very entertaining article I thought I would share with you. Apparantly you can tell alot about a woman from the type of wedding dress she chooses. Made for very funny reading…where do they come up with this stuff 🙂 ??


Now seriously you have to be kidding me…would anyone wear this?



I liked the Collette Dignam Dress…sometimes simplicity is best!

Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful

1. Collette Dinnigan knows that simplicity can be just as powerful as metres of meringue-like tulle.
There’s no stopping this bride as she makes it down the aisle in record time.
Wedding march: Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.
Wedding secret: Tricep dips for toned arms.
Wedding fear: Spilling Bollinger on the dress during the Best Man’s lurid speech.