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Wiccan Wedding with Autumnal Makeup

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Wiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal TouchesWiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal Touches

Our talented makeup artist Lisa had the joy of working on the wonderful Joanna the day of her very special Autumn Wiccan Handfasting wedding. The makeup that Lisa did for this blushing bride was a natural look, and with Lisa on hand for her makeup Joanna was not going to be left disappointed!

Wiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal TouchesWiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal TouchesWiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal TouchesWiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal Touches

Looking absolutely stunning and glowing inside and out and  with friends and family not only attending the wedding but also taking part in it. Friends of the lovely couple performed the Wiccan Hanfasting ceremony as high Priestess and Priest for Jon and Joanna. With ever so delicate statement decoration at the wedding crafted and created by Joanna’s lovely mother, the couples theme was taken to the next level in such a gorgeously romantic way.

Wiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal TouchesWiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal Touches

Moving from one ceremony to another the couple’s second ceremony took place in  Zion Church, Rathgar, also decorated beautifully. Keeping in mind all loved ones and not wanting anyone to miss out on the ceremony Joanna made sure that nothing started until everybody was in attendance. Which to me just keeps the entire theme of the wedding going as family and friends played very important roles throughout.

Wiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal TouchesWiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal Touches

With such a lovely day had by all, we here at the EFC Studios would like to congratulate the lovely couple on such a spectacular day!

Wiccan Handfasting Wedding With Autumnal Touches



Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony: Brides parent’s back garden and Zion Church, Rathgar.

Reception: Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Wedding dress & shoes: Anne Gregory Design, Newtownmountkennedy.

Jewellery: Carol Shaw Bridal Jewellery, Rathfarnham.

Hair: Kuts n’ Kurls, Rathmines.

Makeup: Lisa Redmond from Emma Farrell Makeup.

Bouquets & Buttonholes.: Blooming Amazing Florists, Ranelagh.

Groomswear: Suitable Company, Duke St.

Cake: Linen Hill Kitchen & Deli, Banbridge.

DJ: Digital DJs.



Our Essentials for Glamping this Wedding Season

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Glamping tent image

With wedding season in full swing and my fair share to attend I have started to put some very quick checklists together to ensure that nothing gets left behind on my way out the door. These days weddings are no longer made to fit a mold nor as traditional as they used to be. People’s personalities are allowed to break through and create a day that is individual to them, this means that for many the comfort of a hotel is no longer always part of the picture. From glamping to self catering houses on a country estate here’s a checklist for those things you might not necessarily think of when grabbing your deodorant as you make sure the straighteners is turned off and switch on the alarm!

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Wedding Wednesday: The Natural Bride

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Natural Bridal Makeup


Hello Lovelies,

The one request that 95% of my brides have when we do a trial is ‘I want to look natural’. This description is completely different to everybody as one persons natural is another persons nightmare. To ensure that we are singing off the same hymn sheet I’ll usually ask a number of questions to get a feel for the type of person they are and what is natural to them. This week’s bride is a perfect example of a really light bridal makeup.

Today’s bride is the very beautiful Claire. Claire wanted a really really simple look as she wouldn’t wear much makeup on a daily basis and as all brides do, wanted to feel comfortable and herself on her wedding day.

As you can see Claire is a stunning girl anyway so I did extremely light eyes with browns to accentuate the colour of her own. Then I added  a few single lashes,with some light highlighting and contouring and a pink stained lip to finish it off.

This is quite a daring look for those who would be used to heavier makeup application but is very effective and a stunning look for those of you who are willing to try! 🙂

Would you try this for your wedding day?

Lots of


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Buff Bridal Makeup Tutorial

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Bridal Makeup Tutorial Video

Pebbles Eyeshadow Eyeshadow as a base. Urban Eyeshadow all over the lid. Clubbing Eyeshadow for a pop of sparkle on the centre of the eyelid. Hefner Eyeshadow for extra definition. Use perfection eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye and underneath the brow bone.
Use the gel Black Eyeliner along the lashline, flicking your line upwards and outwards to lift and elongate the eye. To make your eyes appear nice and large I recommend using the White Eyeliner Pencil on the waterline to open them up.
Apply a gorgeous set of natural yet fluffy false eyelashes to really set off the look. I recommend putting Mascara on over the lashes as it helps to bind the natural lash to the artificial one and gives a much cleaner and more natural look to the lashes.

Once you have finished the eyes clean up underneath the eyes to remove any fall out from the eyeshadow. This is my top tip for wedding make-up as the camera picks up everything!
Use the Buff Camera Ready Primer to smooth out the skin and prepare it for the base. Apply the HD Foundation in light motions with a brush. If you buff this into the skin well it gives the appearance of an airbrush finish.
Once you have applied the foundation conceal underneath the eyes and any blemishes.
To set your flawless face, a light dusting of the Buff Mineralise Powder is recommended.

Contour the cheeks, jaw and nose for a slimming look. The flash from the camera can leave your face looking very flat, so this step is not to be skipped for Bridal Make-up! Highlight above the cheek bones with the Mineral Icing Sugar, this gives a gorgeous dewy glow. Don’t forget your Melba blusher for a fresh hint of colour.

Finish the look off with a gorgeous natural pink lip look. I pencilled in the outline and centre of the lips with lipliner than applied Nibble Lipgloss which is perfect on most skintones.

Buff Makeup by Paula Callan

Below is the video itself, let me know what you think. If you are getting married soon and would rather not do your own makeup, why not book me for your wedding day. Email me 🙂

Lots of love,


Behind the Scenes: Buff Makeup Bridal Video

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Buff wedding look


Hello All,

A couple of weeks ago I did a video in Hession’s Drumcondra for Buff Makeup. I did a very simple and classic bridal look. Excited to see the video very soon but in the mean time here’s a few teaser shots!

Buff wedding makeup

I am really impressed with the quality of Buff Makeup, also the variety of colours in the eyeshadows for such a new range is phenominal. I will be posting a full product breakdown when the video goes live.

Buff eyes

Until then, lots of love,

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Wedding Tips: Weightloss Part 1

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Measuring tape around a wedding dress

As I am working with so many brides I realise what a big issue this is. We all want to look good on our wedding day and one of the major things brides struggle with is losing weight to fit into their dress perfectly. I just wanted to go through some of the treatments and options out there that either myself or my brides have tried. As I was writing this blog post I realised that it was very long! So I have broken it into smaller posts which I will release every week.

Nupo Ireland Diet

First up is Meal Replacement namely The Nup0 Diet.

If you are really close to your wedding date and just need to get rid of some of those final pounds then Nupo is for you. I tried the Nupo Diet Programme for 2 weeks before a friend’s wedding and was delighted with the results.

There are two options when embarking on the Nupo Diet, one of which is called the VLCD which stands for Very Low Calorie Diet. This consists of 6 Nupo Meals (A Shake, Soup or Bar, which you can only have one of)  per day. If you follow this strict diet you will be consuming only 700 calories!! However you will be getting 100% of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs, whilst keeping your blood sugar stable.

While I was on the programme, I tried most of the products except for the Chicken as I am a vegetarian. I loved the shakes and bars the most, the vegetable soup on the other hand was disgusting! Couldn’t even bring myself to finish the first one. There is such a variety of flavours in the shakes though, which meant I never got bored with the selection. I had the Blueberry Shake for Breakfast, Strawberry for snack time, Cafe Latte for Lunch, a snack bar for dinner (Hazlenut, Chocolate or Coconut) and the Chocolate Shake before going to bed. I thought  would be starving, but I actually found them quite filling. I guess there is alot of protein in them, so it does keep you full. One thing I did notice is that my breath did get a bit smelly and I was very thirsty all the time. It does recommend you have at least 2 litres of water a day which I was doing and more! I have never been great at drinking water, but my skin really thanked me for it.

Nupo Strawberry Shake

Initially the weight fell off me I was so delighted, nearly half a stone in a week! I was hoping that the same would happen in the second week, but unfortunately the weightloss slowed down. I lost a bit more weight, but then I put it back on again, so I levelled off at losing about 5 pounds which have stayed off. This probably doesn’t seem like alot to most people, but for the months prior to the Nupo Very Low Calorie Diet I had been trying to lose weight without any success, the only direction the scales moved was up!


Where I really noticed the difference was in my clothes, suddenly the jeans I had been avoiding were comfy again. I also felt that I didn’t have to hold my stomach in which was a great feeling when wearing a figure skimming dress at the wedding.  Here I am pictured below on the left with my friends, looking and feeling happy! What I really noticed was that it gave me my will power back again and really boosted my morale getting me back into a healthy eating frame of mind.

Emma and Friends

I think that it is a fantastic regime to use if your wedding is nearly here and you just want to give your last weightloss efforts an extra boost. I also found the shakes and bars really handy, I could have my meals on the go without too much thought. This is excellent for busy brides who have so much to do in the final weeks of the wedding they don’t have as much time to prepare healthy meals.

Have you tried the Nupo Diet? What did you think?

Lots of love,