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Bodypainting a Man Gold

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The Spinner by Dish Dance Collective

I hope you are all well and keeping busy! I was working on a little show last week called The Spinner. It is performed by the Dish Dance Collective and is part of “Turn Around: A season of performances in rep” by ABSOLUT Fringe and Project Arts Centre.

Here is a review of the show from the Irish Theatre Magazine. My work got a little mention too, because I painted Tom one of the performers gold 🙂

Who believes in fate anymore? There’s really no room for such a fanciful notion in this enlightened day and age, but it was a concept the ancient Greeks set a lot of store by. In DISH Dance Collective’s The Spinner, choreographer Aoife McAtamney takes the Greek legend of the three Fates, or Morai, and turns it on its head to present a commentary on ideas of mortality and free will.

In the original tale from Greek mythology, the Fates dictated the lifespans of mortals through the medium of sewing, spinning the threads of each human life and cutting them at the moment of death. In The Spinner, the Fates themselves are subject to the whims of some power outside their control, executing their various roles in what looks like anguish.

It’s an interesting inversion of the story, undermining the notion that there is an independent force somewhere steering this ship. The sure-footed performers at the centre of the piece (McAtamney herself with Anna Kaszuba and Juan Corres Benito) seem to be the manipulated, rather than the grand manipulators. Torsos are pulled off-kilter by invisible strings, hinged limbs jerk every which way and the general impression is one of involuntary action. At one point, the dancers fling themselves about on the floor as though prompted by electrodes, limbs smacking resoundingly against the stage with wince-inducing violence.

A gold-hued Tom Lane (he is clothed in a loincloth and gold spraypaint) provides live accompaniment on viola, the sometimes creaking, sometimes soaring twanging of the instrument wonderfully evoking the image of taut threads while building tension.

The three dancers alternate between performing as one bubbling, harmonious unit, and separately in jagged discord. These collective interludes, textured by unison changes in tempo, are beautifully paced, the dancers winding sinuously around one another with compressed movements, or expanding outwards with rounded limbs in gravity-less slow motion.

Often, the movement is eerily unearthly; Corres Benito stalks about the stage like a faun, whilst McAtamney spins like a top recalling a sewing machine spool. This otherworldly atmosphere is maintained throughout, until the close of the piece when the dancers suddenly emerge from their supernatural chrysalises and stand plainly as though really human, seeming for the first time capable of free action. The fates, who are supposed to dictate the destiny of mortals, are shown to be trammelled by their godly roles, whilst us mortals are in fact trammelled by the burden of free will.

The final scene is a stroke of genius, re-introducing a moment from the beginning of the piece where the three performers crowd around something invisible on the ground, crouching to draw whatever it is out. The lights go down on this tableau, dangling the prospect of eternal return before the audience.

The Spinner is rich with the possibility of multiple interpretations, which is what makes it so compelling. This, along with innovative choreography, completely engaged performances from the three dancers and Lane’s eerie score, make for a wonderfully unsettling experience. I’d say McAtamney and DISH Dance Collective are fated for greatness, if I believed in that sort of thing…

Written by Rachel Donnelly is a Dublin-based freelance writer and editor

Make sure you come and see the show, the last performance is on Saturday, 28th April. You can get the tickets at the door or online here.

Makeup for Chantell O’Neill Burlesque

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Burlesque Makeup Chantell O'Neill Burlesque Makeup Chantell O'NeillBurlesque Makeup Chantell O'NeillBurlesque Makeup Chantell O'Neill

I did the make-up for the host of the “Tease” Dublin’s newest Burlesque night that took place in Break for the Border. Chantell O’Neill will be hosting it again tonight, so be sure to come down for what will be a brilliant show!
Host: Chantell O’Neil @ Burlesque Host Dublin
Make-up: Emma @ Burlesque Makeup Dublin
Photographer: Various as above

Brian Dowling as Lady Gaga

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I was asked to design a make-up that was Lady Gaga Style for  Brian. This is the original concept below:

The design included FOUR sets of false eyelashes! Three on top and one on the bottom about 3mm below his natural eyeline. I then used white eyeliner to white out his eyeline and natural lashes so that his eyes looked freakishly bigger.

If you would like a full breakdown of products used, leave a comment 🙂

In Pre-Production: Fran

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I thought that I would write a quick not to update you on what I am up to as I have been fairly irregular with my blog posts of late. I have been incredibly busy with the summer weddings: have helped to make some beautiful brides smile over the last few months. I have to say, it is one of my favourite things to do!

I am also doing the Make-up for The Story of Motown in the Olympia Theatre again tomorrow, if you have not got your tickets yet, get them here.

I am also in the pre-production phase of the second series of the mocumentary “Fran” for Setanta. Below is a clip from the first series.

Make-Up Artist for The Story of Motown

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The Story of Motown

I am really looking forward to doing the Make-Up for the show: “The Story of Motown” in the Olympia tonight. I am sure that it is going to be a fantastic night out and if you haven’t got your tickets already get them now for the bargain price of €25!

I have been doing some research and absolutely love the glamour  and flair of the Motown Musicians. Diana Ross, the Supremes, Gladys Knight, Teena Marie, The Marvelettes, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas all make up this fantastic music genre.