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Behind the Scenes: Make-Up Craig Doyle

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Craig decided he would like to do my make-up for a change 🙂

I love doing the make-up for RTE’s “The Panel”, it is always good craic and there are such varied guests, I never know who I am going to meet! I have worked with Jason Donovan, Charlie Boorman, Chris Eubank, John Aldridge, Caprice, Fionnuala Flanagan just to name a few. It certainly has led to some very interesting conversations.

Movember Music Video Make-Up

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This is a Music Video that I did recently to raise money for testicular cancer. Lots of us donated our time to a really good cause in the hope that people will donate their money 🙂


Here are some behind the scene images too 🙂

Music Video Makeup Artist Dublin

Movember Charity Music Video Makeup Artist

Movember Music Video Makeup

Dublin based music video make-up artist

Makeup Artist Dublin Moustache Application

I just want to say a huge thank you to my two assistants Gillian O’Neill and Ciara Byrne, your hard work was much appreciated xx

Behind the Scenes of The Savage Eye

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Hi Guys,

I have been super busy on a whole host of different TV shows the last couple of weeks. One of these TV Shows is called the Savage Eye which is a Comedy Sketch Show that will be broadcast on RTE in January.

I had the great privilege of assisting a wonderfully talented Make-Up Artist, Siobhan Harper Ryan. She has had an inspiring career, past work includes Titty Bang Bang and Bo Selecta. You can check out some images of her work here. I learnt so much from her, in particular about applying facial hair and lace wigs, which in the past I did not have that much experience with.

There are so many funny characters in the show, it is definitely going to be hilarious. Keep your eyes peeled for when it will be airing around January some time as it is definitely not to be missed!

Here are some images from behind the scenes:

Emma & Shiv


Mike and his girl 🙂



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I was asked to fill in for a couple of days work in the really popular UTV show Primeval. It was a great opportunity and I really enjoyed working with the team. It also meant that I got the chance to meet Alexander Siddig! I don’t often tell people this, but I was a HUGE fan of star trek growing up 🙂

It would be amazing to work on Star Trek…perhaps one day I can work on a film or something 🙂 I love the fact that it covers every aspect of make-up artistry, from beauty make-up, special effects, character make-ups to prosthetics!

In Pre-Production: Fran

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I thought that I would write a quick not to update you on what I am up to as I have been fairly irregular with my blog posts of late. I have been incredibly busy with the summer weddings: have helped to make some beautiful brides smile over the last few months. I have to say, it is one of my favourite things to do!

I am also doing the Make-up for The Story of Motown in the Olympia Theatre again tomorrow, if you have not got your tickets yet, get them here.

I am also in the pre-production phase of the second series of the mocumentary “Fran” for Setanta. Below is a clip from the first series.

Behind the Scenes: Uri-el

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I have been a bit delayed in posting this, these are shots from a couple of weeks ago, but I guess better late than never. These are some behind the scenes images of the feature film that I am the Head Make-Up Artist on. It is directed by Phil Winston and is an independently funded film being shot in Coolock. The working title of the film is, but I am hoping that they go for something simpler like Uri-el. The story centres around a young boy called Daniel who discovers that human beings aren’t the only beings on this planet and is brought right into the middle of a fight between Angels and Demons.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to my wonderful assistant Stefania, I couldn’t have done it without her 🙂

Film: http://www.uri-el.com/index.html
Director: Phil Winston
Make-Up: Emma Farrell Make-Up
Assistant Make-Up:  Stefania Maniscalco
Hair: Jane Akkerman

Avatar Make-Up Part 1

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A while ago I told you guys that I was going to do the Make-Up of Avatar for halloween. Well I have had a really busy schedule which has meant that I haven’t been able to put aside as much time for this as I would have liked.

Anyway I have started the process and here are a couple of shots of me during my lifecast. We used fast set alginate and plaster bandages. First you vaseline all the back of the head and any hair in the front like eyelashes, eyebrows, nape of neck etc. Then you apply bald cap, in this case we just used a swimming cap as we had a bit of a disaster with our bald cap! You then build up the back half of the head using just plaster bandage as the detail of the cast doesn’t have to be that defined. Then you mix a small amount of alginate and do the nose first so that you can breath out of it. Then you go ahead and mix the rest of the batch of alginate and cover the entire face including eyes, ears and mouth. Be extremely careful that the noseway is kept clear at all times…you have to breath! After the alginate is set you then cover this with plaster bandages to strengthen and support the structure. You can then start to wriggle your face and pull apart the mould. All going well you should have a perfect cast of yourself.

Word of warning! Don’t wear make up while doing the life cast, for some reason whatever make-up I had on my eyelids really liked adhering to the alginate and made for a REALLY uncomfortable few minutes when I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it off!  Also this lifecast was done by professional Make-Up Artists (myself and my friend). We are highly trained, we are just sharing the information with you, so please do not attempt to do this at home!