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The makeup from the Savage Eye

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This is just a little snap from behind the scenes of the most recent series of the Savage Eye that I worked on. This is the Bull Mick character played by David McSavage.

Products used:
Eyebrows – grey crepe hair applied with Spirit Gum.
Face – Skin Illustrator FX palette
Teeth – Kryolan tooth enamel paint
in Nicotine

Egg on my Face – Meeting a Desperate Scousewife

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Layla Flaherty Backstage at the Late Late Show

Photo courtesy of Leanne Ledwidge

Well you might remember I wrote about Scouse Brows recently and my trip to Carter Beauty for my HD Brows. Well I was giving the Scouse Brow a hard time and pondering who in their right mind would wear their brows like that. A couple of days later I was surprised to be asked do one of the girls from Desperate Scousewives’ makeup for the Late Late Show. Typical! I shouldn’t have opened my mouth 🙂

Layla Flaherty was over for the Late Late to talk about internet bullying and her experiences. It turns out that Layla is actually Irish and from Galway originally. She moved to Liverpool to follow here best friend who had gone there for college studies.

Before heading over to RTE to do her makeup I was a bit nervous that she would want me to do the Scouse Brow, which would have gone against my very nature of being a makeup artist. However I should not have worried at all as it turns out that she is not a fan of the look either. Infact Marissa from Carter Beauty had also travelled to the studios to ensure there wasn’t a stray hair out of place!

Carter Beauty doing HD Brows on Layla Flaherty

It was lovely to meet Layla and I think she is absolutely gorgeous. You can see her appearance  on RTE Player.

IFTA The Craft of Make-up in association with MAC Cosmetics

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Jennifer Hegarty, Karen Koster and Linda Mooney

As a member for the Irish Film and Television Academy I was invited to Dublin’s Gibson hotel on Thursday the 29th September 2011 for ‘The Craft of Make-Up’, the Academy’s annual event hosted in association with MAC Cosmetics, featured the work of two IFTA winning Make-Up artists Jennifer Hegarty and Linda Mooney.

The Craft of Makeup Discussion

The event was hosted by Tv3’s Xposé presenter and Karen Koster. Jennifer and Linda share behind the scenes secrets from their award winning careers in film and television. It was a really informative event with a great insight  into the industry.

Jennifer Hegarty Makeup Artist

One of the things that I noted was that as make-up arists they never stop learning. Jennifer said that she started her career by going to London to do a few courses, but that she still learns all the time. She said that the industry changes so fast that you have to keep up with the times. Also it was great to note that there was no overnight success for Jennifer, it was a very slow process. It was through hard work and dedication that she has become the success that she is today. The first time that she actually felt that she had made it was when she did Peter O’Toole’s make-up. She said on meeting him that she found it quite comforting, because he was very nervous that day and it made her realise that everyone is nervous about what they are doing, so you have to keep going and keep doing it. She still enjoys the job and sometimes has to pinch herself when she is on a set in an exotic location. She has worked on films from Lassie, to Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, to Harry Potters, so I am sure she has seen a few! On creating a character, she says that it is usually a collaboration between the Make-up Artist, the Director and the Actor, although it is really about trying to convince them to do what you want :-). The products that she can’t live without are her grease palette and her skin illustrator and her brushes in particular the MAC foundation brush. For people starting out Jennifer would recommend taking up painting. If choosing a school, find out what the background is of the people you would be learning with.

Linda Mooney Makeup Artist

Linda came to her career in a little bit of a different way. She was from a family that did hair and would have seen her mom make wigs for the Abbey. She is a fully trained hair dresser as well as a professional make-up artist. She found herself having to go abroad alot because the union in Ireland is quite restrictive and you can’t really do both. She is fluent in German and spent some time over there. Linda felt that she had really made it when she got to do a Deaf Leppard album cover, she had to turn the clean looking young men into 80s rock stars so lots of backcombing was required! Linda also mentioned is very aware that the women in the industry have missed out on family, that you have to try and strike the balance. She feels that she is a better mother when she is working. She was working with 21 women at the time of the talk and only 3 women out of that had a family.When asked what tools she couldn’t live with out, her immediate response was: Good brushes! When you are starting out Linda thinks you can’t beat being on set, try and get some work experienc. You will realise what it is really like and see what end you would like to go to.

Jennifer Hegarty and Linda Mooney discussing their makeup careers

They are both very warm people and it is easy to see that as well as their skill and talent that their personalities have brought them a long way too. They both touched on having the right personality for the job and being easy to work with and letting things go over your head. Also it is about knowing what battles to fight, when to take a bit more time doing a make-up and when to just let a bit of shine go…. Someone asked a question in the audience about whether they ever looked at another make-up artist’s work and said “what were they thinking” and they both agreed and said that they wouldn’t judge someone else’s work as you never know what kind of stress or what the circumstances were surrounding the job. Never a truer word was spoken! As a makeup artist if the day has run behind, you could sometimes be asked to do a make-up on set with the whole crew looking at you, when usually the make-up could take an hour to do normally!

MAC Makeup Artist Relations

It was a great talk and I hope that the Academy run more events like this in the future. It was great to meet fellow make-up artists and we got a free lippy to boot!

The Makeup Show Europe 2011 – Part 1

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I was delighted to attend The Make-up Show Europe which took place in Berlin. I had such a blast! It was really inspirational to meet my make-up heroes! I thought I would do a few posts about the event as there was so much to see and do!

I managed to attend two workshops, 7 talks, show my book to 5 people and buy ALOT of make-up!

This video is of one of the talks that was given by one of my favourite brands, Make-up Forever. It was hosted by Jacques Waneph one of the founders of make-up forever. He told us all about the company while the demo was going on. He talked about brand’s humble beginnings when they had to live on sandwiches and sell their car to get enough money to make eyeshadows and how they initially got Kryolan to manufacture their foundations.

He also discussed how the brand has grown over the years, the new product innovations and a very exciting brush range that will soon launch…watch this space! What I found fascinating were all the anecdotes of how they developed products, learning from Make-up Artists along the way.

There was also some beautiful bodypainting taking place all through the weekend at the Make-up Forever counter.

Make-up Forever Dublin

Makeup Forever Bodpainting Dublin

Makeup Forever Shop Dublin

Behind the Scenes: The Only Viking in the Village

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Back-combed Viking hair television makeupScary Viking Hair and Makeup DublinMedieval Scenery WexfordMedieval Makeup and Hair for TelevisionThis was a television show I did this summer. It is a Mind the Gap Production called The Only Viking in the Village. I had the opportunity to work with Neil Delamere again. We worked together on the Panel, but unfortunately that has been cancelled, so it was great to team up again on another show. This was a load of fun because I got the opportunity to do some interesting make-up, including rotting teeth and blood!

Of course I used alot of special effects products from Kryolan and Ben Nye to achieve this. As well as my airbrush for the Medieval Maid. Watch out for the show coming up on RTE soon.

Producers: Mind the Gap Films
Talent Pictured: Bernadette McGloughlin @ Assets, Ciarán, Philip
Make-up: Emma Farrell @ Television Makeup Artist
Make-up Assistant: Caoimhe Arrigan from Graceful Faces 










Behind the Scenes: RTE’s Shopping from Home

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I was asked to do the make-up for the Shopping from Home Informercial the other day, working with the fabulous Kathy Hoffman. It is a television programme on RTE which sells products that you can buy from the comfort of your own home.

Behind the Scenes Makeup Shopping from Home 2

Behind the Scenes Makeup Shopping from Home

I got to work with Cheryl from the band Bucks Fizz, a band that won the Eurovision in 1981 with the catchy song “Making Your Mind Up”. You can see the song below:

IFTAs 2011 Beauty & Style Report

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Sinead Kennedy Make-Up IFTAs 2011

sinead-kennedy-close-up make-up

Every year I am slightly disappointed at the safe choices made by the majority of the attendees. Saying that this year I was absolutely in love with Sinead Kennedy’s Style. My favourite look from the night, she has broken the usual rule of playing up one feature. Sinead has gone all out with not only a sultry red lip, but also a dramatic dark rimmed eyeliner with flick. I also absolutely love her curls which cascade across her head like a flood of waves.

Laura Whitmore Vintage Make-Up

Laura Whitmore looked fantastic on the night, she seemed to be channelling the same classic beauty as seen on January Jones in Mad Men. This 50s style is so glamorous it has stood the test of time and looks as fresh today as it did back then.

Amy Hubberman Makeup Full Length Pic

Amy Hubberman Close up Make-Up Picture

Amy Huberman, was also worth a mention. Although Amy wore quite a safe make-up look, it is beautiful and would be a perfect bridal look. Soft pink lipstick and a black eyeliner with defined brows to help frame the face.

Charlene McKenna Make-Up Artist

I love the matt red lippy which had a burnt copper undertone that Charlene McKenna was sporting. I worked with her recently and I have to say she is a fantastic vibrant personality which is truly infectious.

Kim Cattrall Make-Up

I also thought I should mention Kim Cattrall who was looking fantastic! It is hard to believe that she is 54! I wish I had her figure and she is double my age. I am also delighted that she hasn’t given into the pressures of the limelight and got major surgery to turn back the hands of time. She said in an interview: “…I don’t want to be 20 any more or even 30 or 40. Besides, I’m too terrified to get any proper work so I’ve had just little things done. I have a big crease between my eyebrows and I use Botox to get rid of that, but that’s kind of it. I’m scared of surgery because I don’t want to look in the mirror and not recognise who’s looking back. I don’t want to be in a room, and to have people turn when I leave and say, “what happened?”

Winners of the 8th Annual Film and Television Awards


As If I Am Not There – James Flynn & Nathalie Lichtenthaeler (Octagon Films)
Perrier’s Bounty – Alan Moloney (Parallel Films)
Sensation – Katie Holly & Kieron J Walsh (Blinder Films)
Swansong – Story of Occi Byrne – Edwina               Forkin & Herman Florin (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
The Runway – Macdara Kelleher & Ian Power (Fastnet Films)

Director Film
Juanita Wilson – As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)
PJ Dillon – Rewind (Carbon Films)
Tom Hall – Sensation (Blinder Films)
Ian Power – The Runway (Fastnet Films)

Script Film
Juanita Wilson – As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)
Will Collins – My Brothers (Rubicon Films)
Conor McDermottroe – Swansong – Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
Mark O’Rowe – Perrier’s Bounty (Parallel Films)

Actor in a Lead Role – Film
Martin McCann – Swansong – Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
Colm Meaney – Parked (Ripple World Pictures)
Cillian Murphy – Perrier’s Bounty (Parallel Films)
Liam Neeson – Chloe (Optimum Releasing)

Actress in a Lead Role – Film / Television
Amy Huberman – Rewind (Carbon Films)
Ruth Bradley – Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Orla Brady – Mistresses (BBC)
Sarah Flood – Fair City (RTÉ)
Charlene McKenna – RAW (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)

Actor in a Supporting Role – Film
Pierce Brosnan – The Ghost (Optimum Releasing)
Colin Farrell –The Way Back (Entertainment One Films)
Brendan Gleeson – Perrier’s Bounty (Parallel Films)
Cillian Murphy – Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Actress in a Supporting Role – Film
Saoirse Ronan – The Way Back (Entertainment One Films)
Kerry Condon – The Runway (Fastnet Films)
Marcella Plunkett – Swansong – Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
Eileen Walsh – Snap (Samson Films)

The George Morrison Feature Documentary Award
The Pipe – Risteard Ó’Domhnaill & Rachel Lysaght (Scannáin Inbhear in association with Underground Films & Riverside Post)
Burma Soldier – Julie leBrocquy (leBrocquy Fraser)
Pyjama Girls – Maya Derrington (Still Films)
What We Leave in Our Wake – Pat Collins (Harvest Films)

International Film
The Social Network (Sony)
A Prophet (Optimum Releasing)
Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Toy Story 3 (Walt Disney Pictures)

International Actor
Jesse Eisenberg –The Social Network (Sony)
Russell Crowe – The Next Three Days (Lionsgate Films)
Leonardo DiCaprio – Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Tahar RahimA Prophet (Optimum Releasing)

International Actress
Annette Bening – The Kids are All Right (Universal)
Helena Bonham-Carter – The King’s Speech (The Weinstein Company)
Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone (Artificial Eye)
Natasha Petrovic – As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)

Single Drama / Drama Serial (supported by BAI)
When Harvey Met Bob –Catherine Magee (Great Meadow Productions)
MO – (Channel 4 / ITV Studios)
Na Cloigne – Ciarán Ó Cofaigh (ROSG)
The Silence – Eleanor Greene (Company Pictures & BBC)
Wild Decembers – Edna O’Brien, Anthony Byrne (Touchpaper Television/ Octagon Films)

Drama Series / Soap (supported by BAI)
The Tudors – Morgan O’Sullivan (World 2000 Entertainment)
Love/Hate – Suzanne McAuley (Octagon Films)
RAW – Michael Parke & Suzanne McAuley (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)
Ros na Rún – Hugh Farley (Eo Teilifis / Tyrone Productions)
Single-Handed – Clare Alan & Owen McDonnell (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)

Director Television
Dearbhla Walsh – The Silence (Company Pictures & BBC)
David Caffrey – Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Thaddeus O’Sullivan – Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)
Robert Quinn – Na Cloigne (ROSG)

Writer Television
Stuart Carolan – Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Darach Ó Scolaí & Lauren Mackenzie – Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Lisa McGee – RAW (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)
Hilary Reynolds – Fair City (RTÉ)

Actor in a Lead Role – Television
Domhnall Gleeson – When Harvey Met Bob (Great Meadow Productions)
Owen McDonnell – Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers – The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Robert Sheehan – Love/Hate (Octagon Films)

Actress in a Lead Role – Film/Television
Amy Huberman – Rewind (Carbon Films)
Ruth Bradley – Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Orla Brady – Mistresses (BBC)
Sarah Flood – Fair City (RTÉ)
Charlene McKenna – RAW (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)

Actor in a Supporting Role – Television
Stephen Rea – Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)
Brian Gleeson – Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Seán McGinley – Wild Decembers (RTÉ)
Eamon Morrissy – Fair City (RTÉ)

Actress in a Supporting Role – Television
Ruth McCabe – Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)
Sarah Bolger – The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Dervla Kirwan – The Silence (Company Pictures)
Ruth Negga – Love/Hate (Octagon Films)

Costume Design
Joan Bergin – The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Consolata Boyle –Tamara Drewe (Ruby Films)
Joan O’Cleary – Swansong – Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
Susan Scott – Cup Cake (Wee Buns)

Director of Photography
PJ Dillon – The Runway (Fastnet Films)
Tim Fleming – As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)
Donal Gilligan – Love/Hate (RTÉ)
Owen McPolin – The Silence (Company Pictures)

Emer Reynolds – My Brothers (Rubicon Films)
Dermot Diskin – Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Guy Montgomery – Parked (Ripple World Pictures)
Nathan Nugent – As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)

Make Up & Hair (Sponsored by MAC)
Tom McInerney, Dee Corcoran – The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Gill Brennan – Swansong – Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
Caroline McCurdy – Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Louise Myler – Parked (Ripple World Pictures)

Original Score
Ray Harman – Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Niall Byrne – Parked (Ripple World Pictures)
Lance Hogan – Lapland Odyssey (Ripple World Pictures)
Gary Lightbody & Jacknife Lee – My Brothers (Rubicon Films)

Production Design
Ray Ball – The Runway (Fastnet Films)
Tamara Conboy – Sensation (Blinder Films)
Tom Conroy – The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Susie Cullen – The Silence (Company Pictures)


The Silence – Karl Merren, Ken Galvin, Peter Blayney (Company Pictures)
Circus Fantasticus – Daniel Birch, Robert Flanagan (Fastnet Films)
Essential Killing – Robert Flanagan, Michelle Cunniffe, Fiadhnait McCann (Element Pictures)
Rewind – Patrick Hanlon, Ken Galvin, Niall Brady (Carbon Films)

Children’s / Youth Programme
Big City Park –Colin Williams (Sixteen South Television/CBeebies Scotland)
The Octonauts – Darragh O’Connell (Brown Bag Films)
Primary School Musical – Ruth Meehan (GMarsh TV)
Seacht –Colin O’Donnell (Stirling Film and Television)

Current Affairs
Spotlight: The Iris Robinson Investigation – Darragh MacIntyre (BBC NI)
Prime Time Investigates – Forgotten Lives – Barry O’Kelly (RTÉ)
The Frontline – David Nally (RTÉ)
Tonight with Vincent Browne – Tom Fabozzi (TV3)

Documentary Series
Freefall: The Night The Banks Failed – Janet Traynor (Animo)
1916 Seachtar na Cásca –Pierce Boyce (Abú Media)
Ireland’s Greatest – Gerry Hoban (Tyrone Productions)
The Truth about Travellers – Owen McArdle (TV3)

Voices From The Grave – Patrick Farrelly & Ed Moloney (Deer Lake Films)
Children In Charge: Ireland’s Young Carers – Ailbhe Maher (Subotica)
TK Whitaker – Seirbhíseach an Stait – Martin Dwan (Zampano Prodictions)
Vanished in the Mountains: Ireland’s Missing Women – Owen McArdle (TV3)

Entertainment Programme
Your Bad Self – John Butler (Treasure Entertainment)
The Apprentice – Larry Bass (Screentime ShinAwiL)
Feirm Factor – Evan Chamberlain (Good Company Productions)
The Model Scouts – Billy McGrath (Sideline Productions)

Factual Programme
Operation Transformation – Philip Kampf (RTÉ)
Ireland AM – Victoria O’Brien (TV3)
Reeling In The Years – John O’Regan (RTÉ)
The Eagles Return – John Murray (Crossing the Line Films)

Sports Programme
In Sunshine Or In Shadow – Andrew Gallimore & Morgan Bushe (Fastnet Films)
Graeme McDowell’s Major Moment – Gary McCutcheon (BBC Northern Ireland)
Gualainn le Gualainn – Andrew Gallimore & Conor Barry (Fastnet Films)
World Cup Live – Kieran Craven (RTÉ)

Philips Short Film
Small Change – Cathy Brady (NFS@IADT/CherryRED Pictures LTD)
Deep End Dance – Conor Horgan (Wildfire Films)
Noreen – Domhnall Gleeson & Juliette Bonass (El Zorrero Films)
Pentecost – Peter McDonald (EMU Productions)

Rising Star Award (Sponsored by the Irish Film Board)
Domhnall Gleeson – Actor
Antonia Campbell Hughes – Actress
Ian Power  – Writer/Director
Juanita Wilson – Writer/Director

Special Irish Language Award
1916 Seachtar na Cásca – Pierce Boyce (Abú Media)
An Crisis – Martha O’Neill (Wildfire Films)
Na Cloigne – Ciarán Ó’Cofaigh (ROSG)
Ros na Rún – Hugh Farley (Eo Teilifis / Tyrone Productions)

The External World – David O’Reilly, (David O’Reilly Animation)
Anam an Amhráin – Sean O Cualain (Sónta/Cartoon Saloon)
Head Space – Barry O’Donoghue (Barley Films)
The Octonauts – Darragh O’Connell (Brown Bag Films)

Outstanding Contribution to Industry Morgan O’Sullivan

RTÉ Guide Best TV Moment of 2010 – People’s Choice
The Republic of Telly premieres The Rubber Bandits Horse Outside (RTÉ)

Coronation Street – Tram Crash (ITV)
Fair City – Peak of the Suzanne and Damien domestic violence storyline (RTÉ)
Imeall – a tribute to one of our greatest actors Mick Lally (TG4)
Prime Time – Pat Rabbitte on Prime Time (RTÉ)
The Rescue of the Chilean Miners (Sky News)
Graeme McDowell winning the US Open
Tonight with Vincent Browne – Browne questioning the Taoiseach in the press conference for the IMF Deal (TV3)
Ursula Halligan asking the Taoiseach if he was drunk during the Morning Ireland interview (TV3 News)
X Factor – Mary Byrne’s first audition in Dublin (ITV)

Nosferatu (In 60 Seconds) Film Competition Make-Up

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I was asked to do a short film for the Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds Film Competition. Director Kevin de la Isla was making his version of the old black and white classic Nosferatu. I was tasked with turning actor Neil Flemming into the original bone chilling Vampire.

Neill Fleming Actor Headshot Make-Up

Neill Before

As we had very little time to do preproduction (I was brought in 3 days before we would be filming). Kevin had bought some prosthetic makeup appliances online. So all I had to do was apply these to Neill as best I could. The difficulty with shop bought prosthetics is that they don’t fit as well as ones that have been made on a lifecast of the actor.

Bald Cap Make-Up Application

Bald Cap Application

I managed to get the bald cap to fit with some difficulty…it looked ok from the front, but at the back of his head it looked like he had a bit of a third nipple haha!

Prosthetic Ear Make-Up Application

Prosthetic Ear Application

As you can see there were some very bad seems on the ears. I used a three part silicone to blend the edges.

Prosthetic Nose Make-Up Application

Prosthetic Nose Application

The nose piece was a bit uncomfortable for Neill to wear, because it didn’t fit properly condensation kept collecting in the bottom from the heat when he was breathing. We just had to be on hand with a cotton bud to absorb the excess water.

Colouring the Bald Cap Make-Up Application

Colouring the Bald Cap

Here I am stippling on a red colour to give the appearance of life under the baldcap and to hide the colour of his hair. I then airbrushed a skin colour foundation on top of this. I used an alcohol based airbrush make-up from Graftobian. It is great applies easily on top of the bald cap and lasts without touch ups.

Completed Nosferatu Make-Up

Completed Nosferatu Make-Up

This is the finished look. I don’t think it is too bad considering the time constraints that we had.  I made the nails by gluing two artificial nails together and giving them a rough sand to blend them. We stuck them on with double sided carpet tape, they kept popping off! It was a bit of fun and I look forward to seeing the finished film. I was assisted on the day by Stefania Maniscalco, thanks a million 🙂