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Bare Your Soul – A Valentines Night with a Difference

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Bare Your Soul

I was asked to do a photocall recently for a fantastic event that is taking place on Valentines night to raise funds for Turn2me and The Irish Heart Foundation. Turn2me is a charity which was set up by Oisin and Diarmuid Scollard who lost their brother Cormac to suicide in 2003. Turn2me.org is an online mental health community providing peer and professional support to people in distress. Trained moderators and counsellors provide free online forum and group supports as well as 1 to 1 counselling services for people suffering from all varieties of mental illness such as depression and anxiety and aims to prevent suicide whenever and wherever possible. It is a cause that is very close to my heart as I have friends and family that have been affected by both suicide and depression. Also in these times it is especially prevalent as people are finding it harder and harder to cope.

Here is the information about the event and if you would like to take part, visit www.give2go.ie and register now.



Turn2Me.org and The Irish Heart Foundation’s Nearly Naked Run

Fancy doing something a little bit different this Valentine’s Day? Turn2me.org and The Irish Heart Foundation are daring you to bare all (or even just a little bit!) on their 500 metre heart shaped track on the beach on Sandymount Strand from 7-8pm on the 14th Feb. Whatever you wear (or don’t wear) it’s all for a great cause.

It is for a charity that would be very close to my heart.

Valentines night is usually the night to wine and dine your loved one, however many couples choose to stay in on Valentine’s night rather than face packed restaurants of cooing couples. So if you are one of those couples who would rather avoid an evening of culinary coupledom or if you’re single here is your alternative option.

Oisin Scollard, Founder of turn2me.org which is an online mental health community providing peer and professional support to people in distress said “The short love heart distance takes only three minutes so anyone and everyone can take part and it can be walked, sprinted or crawled. Everyone will be encouraged to remove as much clothing as they feel comfortable with. Nudity IS encouraged and we will have a body painter on site for the brave nudies! We will also have hot drinks and blankets at the finish line for all participants”.

BARE YOUR SOUL charity run

Everyone interested in taking place must register with a deposit of €10 at www.give2go.ie and must also raise an additional €20 to take part. All money raised will be divided evenly between The Irish Heart Foundation and Turn2me.org.

 “Turn2me will actively support lives, build lives and save lives at the times people need us most. The charity’s vision for the future is to create a world where mental health issues are acknowledged and accepted. Where every person in distress will feel confident to openly access the support services they need, safe in the knowledge that attitudes have changed based on a communal understanding and willingness to support each other.”

Nakjed Run for Charity

The Irish Heart Foundation thought this unique fundraiser was a fun fit for their charity. Aidan Stacey, Head of Fundraising at the Irish Heart Foundation said: “At the IHF we encourage young and old to get active for the good of their hearts and it is especially fitting to invite everyone to put their hearts into a fun run on Valentine’s evening. Normally our supporters wear their heart on their sleeve by donning our red t-shirts… but on this occasion, it’s all about baring not wearing!”.

Aidan continued “Bare Your Soul is not only a great opportunity to have the craic and get your heart pumping, it will also raise vital funds for two great causes. Remember every goose-bumpy step you take will raise money to support our work across research, health promotion, resuscitation training and patient support, all of which help us prevent more people developing heart disease and stroke, the biggest cause of death in Ireland.”

Registration is from 6pm-7pm with the first run taking place at 7pm and every 3 mins after that until 7.57pm.

I hope you can make it!

Lots of love,


Model: Cristíona Aston
Photographer: Leon Farrell
Bodypainter: Emma Farrell

Halloween Make-up & Costume Ideas

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So it is that time of year again!! One of my favourite times of year to be a make-up artist. Halloween is a great time for people to get creative, be a little silly and have some fun. I love helping people create their vision and through the years I have done countless characters!  I thought I would share some of my work below, to give you a bit of inspiration this year.

Zombie Halloween Make-up

Zombie make-up done with face paint, prosthetics and blood.

White Swan Halloween Costume

You don’t always have to be scary, this is a nice idea for a pretty costume. This is a twist on the black swan and is called the White Swan.

Pretty Death Skull Halloween Facepaint

Another pretty one is the Mexican Death Skull. This one was done with glitter, so it was really sparkly and gorgeous in real life, it doesn’t translate on my camera.

Lady Gaga Halloween Make-up and  Costume

Lady Gaga is always popular! She lets her make-up, hair and costume designers run wild, so there is so much you could do inspired by her.

Pop Art Halloween Costume

I absolutely love pop art and this is a really cool (but very time consuming) bodypaint I did a few years ago. This was actually just a test that I did of the real thing, but I didn’t get any good photos of the final look, even though it took 7 hours!

Old Man Make-up Halloween Costume

The old man costume is a goody! All you need to age 20 years is a bald cap, some latex stipple and patience 😉

Zombie Baby Halloween Costume & Bullet Victim Vampire

This was just a bit of fun one halloween and was supposed to be a baby zombie and a gun shot pretty but scary victim.

Nosforato Old Fashioned Vampire Halloween Costume

Vampires are always popular at halloween, how about an old school version like this one inspired by Nosferatu.

Incredible Hulk Halloween Costume Bodypaint

You can always paint yourself green and wear some ripped clothes and you are the incredible hulk.

Unfortunately I don’t think I am going to dress up this year as I have so much work on, but here are a taster of my pathetic costumes from the past, most of them done last minute and in a rush:

Various Halloween Costumes

From left to right, I have been a Pirate, Harajuku Girl, Witch, Vampire, Boy George, 80s Workout Lady and a Cop.

So what are you going as this year? I would love it if you could share your pics with me 🙂

Lots of love,



Review of Avant Guarde Make-up Academy Drogheda

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Make-up Academy Emma Woods

Grand opening of the Avant Garde Make-up Academy

I often get emails from aspiring make-up artists about what schools to attend to become a professional make-up artist. Well I can really recommend Avant Garde Make-up Academy in Drogheda. Emma Woods is the beauty and brains behind this fantastic school. She wanted to create an elite training academy that has the highest standard of education to  realistically prepare you for a career in Make Up Artistry.

Read More

Flexxi Van Bodypainting Video

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This is an update to a behind the scenes post called Behind the Scenes: Alana Carroll Bodypainting. Possibly the funniest/weirdest concept that I have worked on in a long time, this is the video from that day.

The behind the scenes photos that I posted have had a huge presence over the internet. The last post was picked up by the pop culture website Oddee.

Model: Alana Carroll @ Assets
Brand: Flexxivan
Bodypainter: Emma Farrell @ Dublin Bodypainting
Bodypainter Assistant: Stefania Maniscalco





Naked Canvas Bodypainting Festival

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Bodypainting Ireland base coatBodypainting Step 2Bodypainted Beach Scene BackNaked Canvas Bodypainting FestivalNaked Canvas Bodypainting Festival Various

A while ago I was asked to partake in a special Bodypainting event called Naked Canvas which was organised by Beth Marshall and Claire O’Keeffe as part of the Bray Summer Festival.

It was a great day, joining fellow artists in making beautiful creations on the human body. There were so many talented people, it was fantastic.

I was assisted by the lovely Caoimhe Arrigan on the day. We used Kryolan waterbased bodypaints.

Model: Lauren Walsh
Bodypainter: Emma Farrell
Bodypainting Assistant: Caoimhe Arrigan
Festival: Bray Summer Festival
Organisers: Beth Marshal and Claire O’Keefe
Photographer: Emma and Aine Richardson





Bodypainting Alana Carroll

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I had a really interesting project to do the other week, for a Flexxi Van online advert, bodypainting a town onto the body of Alana Carroll (Irish Sun Models Competition Runner-up).

Step 1: Painting the Base

Bodypainting Town Step 1

Step 2: Adding the Details
Bodypainting Town Step 2

Step 3: The Finished Product:

Bodypainting Town Finished

Close up of some of the Details:

Bodypainting Town Closeup 1

Close up of Some More Details:

Bodypainting Town Closeup 2

Model: Alana Carroll @ Assets
Bodypainter: Emma Farrell @ Dublin Bodypainting
Bodypainter Assistant: Stefania Maniscalco @ Dublin Make-up Artist