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The Week in Review

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weekly news review

So here’s a quick look at some international beauty news. It’s been a great week for Birchbox and a pretty grim one for our friends over at Avon……

If you enjoyed the well known parody of Dove’s ‘real beauty‘ sketch ad campaign you’re going to love #truebeauty  🙂The ‘Dove for real beauty’ is a worldwide marketing campaign launched by Unilever in 2004 that includes advertisements, videos and workshops. It is essentially aimed at positive messaging for girls and women to love themselves and the skin they are in, however recently Unilever have come under fire and accused of interpreting women incorrectly and casting them in a dated and innacurate role to to what the modern day women actually is. Journalists have described it as a “washed-down brand of corporate feminism” and “patronising” and that Dove needs to “up its game and start making ads that modern women really want to see”. A Unilever spokeswoman said this week: “Our view is that parody, like imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery.” I’m not sure they get the point…… :/

This week in Singapore it is reported that advertisements on beauty products and services attracted the highest number of complaints last year, continuing a three-year trend according to the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore. Bust enhancement, slimming and hair loss are issues that feature prominently on advertisements in the media and they maintain that most are misleading and inaccurate. I’d like to get a look at how exaggerated they actually are because in a world of airbrushing as standard and filters being common place it seems that this is becoming an unrealistic epidemic!

These days there seems to be a different diet championing every week or a new exercise claiming to make your body the best. A Queensland University of Technology film student Madeleine Humphreys spent 10 weeks undergoing – and filming – some extreme intense exercise, beauty and diet regimes in a quest to find the perfect body. She made a list of celebrity diets, exercise regimes and the most popular beauty treatments and gave each one week to work their magic. From maple syrup diet, cabbage soup diet, paleo diet to zumba, crossfit and pole dancing she tired them all. This is definitely one to make you think!

Birchbox the popular online service for beauty products, announced last week that it has raised $60 million in funding. For those that aren’t familiar with Birchbox it is the original ‘samples in a box’ idea that so many have now cottoned on to! You register, give details about yourself, your skin type etc and they send you samples of popular and emerging brands based on your profile. If you decide you like something you can buy the full size on their website…pretty clever 🙂 With over 800,000 subscribers  Fortune estimates that Birchbox is generating at least $125 million in revenue per year…not too shabby

Avon got a €135 million slap on the wrist this week paying out a settlement with U.S. regulators over a long-standing federal bribery probe. The company said it would install a compliance monitor and enter an agreement with the Justice Department to defer criminal prosecution for three years, after which charges could be dismissed….Not ideal for Avon seeing as stocks of the housewife brand have plummeted to their lowest value since 2001.

That is all for now and as always everyone please do comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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The Week in Review: 19th April 2014

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BEAUTY NEWSHere’s a quick recap on this weeks beauty news….

1. Coming up to the  year anniversary since the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh I came across this very touching video from the New York Times , ‘The Deadly Cost of Fashion’ commemorating the dead and also giving us some food for thought. Well worth a watch as gives a voice to those who tragically passed and will hopefully help in the search for compensation for the victims and their families.

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What Salon the Answer to my Beauty Prayers

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What Salon ReviewHello Beauty Lovers!

I have got some exciting news for you! I am delighted to tell you about a new app that is going to revolutionise the way that you make your beauty appointments. One thing I never set aside time for is my beauty regime. I know this may come as a surprise seeing as I work in the industry, but I just find it really hard to make and keep beauty appointments as my work hours can change at the drop of a hat. I would always book in appointments, but end up having to cancel when work came in. Read More

Professional Beauty Judge

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Professional Beauty Warpaint Judge

Hi Beauty Lovers,

Hope you are keeping well. This has been a fantastic year so far and I feel like it is just whizzing by! It has seen me travelling alot over and back from London a few times as well as Marbella! In February one of my trips was for the Professional Beauty Awards, I was a finalist for the Make-up Professional of the Year UK & Ireland. I will tell you more about that next time. While I was in London, they asked me to be a floor judge for the Warpaint Professional Beauty London Competition with fellow make-up artists Gary Cockerill and Paul James Merchant. Gary is the Warpaint Ambassador and organised the whole makeup competition as well as the criteria for judging.
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Make-up Tips for Men

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yoko ono

I have to say I love the free spirit of Yoko Ono. I was surfing the web and came across her latest music video which is entitled Make-up Tips for Men. Of course I was fascinated taht she would be giving these sorts of tips and thought to myself, has she become a make-up artist? It isn’t out of the realms of possiblity seeing as she had already designed her own clothing line. Which actually got a bit of negative commentary on some blogs. I guess trousers with hand prints over the crotch area and netting over the bum cleavage just aren’t for everybody! Read More

Beauty News: EU Ban on Animal Testing

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Animal Testing EU Ban

Hello fellow beauty junkies.

This is a great week for all my fellow animal-loving-makeup-wearers! The European Union has finally banned the sale of animal tested cosmetics. This means that all cosmetic products and ingredients in the EU and more importantly outside the EU can no longer be sold here.Testing finished-cosmetic-products on animals has banned in the European Union since 2004, as with animal testing of ingredients since 2009. In addition to these prohibitions, from March 2009 there had been a marketing ban on selling cosmetic products within the EU containing ingredients that have been tested on animals after this date, irrespective of the place of testing. However, because of some very complex tests for which there was no alternative method available (apparently) they were allowed to continue in certain cases until a later deadline the 11th March 2013 which was yesterday! Happy Days 🙂

I thought I would share the following image with you to demonstrate why this is SO IMPORTANT, I really am sorry if you are disgusted by this, but there is just no reason that I can sugar coat what actually happens when companies test on animals.

Animal Testing Horrible Images

I just really feel strongly that it is not necessary to test on animals for the cosmetic industry, I don’t care if it means that the best anti-wrinkle cream or lipstick will never be invented. How we look and the products that we use to make ourselves feel better pale in significance in comparison to the value of an animal’s quality of life.

I would like to give a shout out to the many companies that paved the way against animal testing and that have had it in their ethos from the very start even before it became mandatory. The Body Shop, Urban Decay, ELF and OCC Cosmetics.

ELF Cosmetics Ireland

The-Body-Shop-logo-007urban decay logo

The other good news is that the European Commission is not going to stop there. They intend to continue supporting the development of alternative methods and to engage with third world countries to follow our European approach.

So how do you guys feel about this issue? Is it something that is important to you?

Lots of love,



Stop Animal Testing

Beauty News: Leona Lewis Partners with The Body Shop

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February 28th2013. Ethical beauty retailer The Body Shop is proud to reveal today that British singer and global superstarLeona Lewis has become its new Brand Activist.


Seven years since her triumph on The X Factor (UK), Leona has twenty million album sales and a glittering collection of awards and award nominations, yet remains grounded and true to her beliefs. An animal lover and long-time vegetarian, Leona is the perfect partner for The Body Shop and its unique vision of cruelty-free beauty.


As part of the partnership, one of Leona’s first activities is to help The Body Shop and NGO Cruelty Free International in their joint, global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics forever, building on the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics which comes into effect on March 11th this year.


Leona has also put her name to an exclusive cruelty-free make-up and fragrance collection, the Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis. Featuring 100% vegetarian cosmetics in fashion-forward shades, the Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis features quirky packaging with a floral deer motif, celebrating the fact that The Body Shop was one of the first beauty brands to use cruelty-free, man-made musk instead of musk derived from the musk deer. The Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis is available at selected stores from Thursday, 4th April 2013.


To celebrate the partnership, Leona will also be holding an exclusive gig for fans which will be live streamed on March 26th 2013.  For more information on the gig, follow The Body Shop Ireland on Facebook.


Leona Lewis says: “I’m passionate about beauty and I’m all about animal rights. As a result, I’m really conscious of where the products that I use come from. The Body Shop sells cruelty free, ethical products containing amazing Community Fair Trade ingredients. The collaboration is a natural fit!