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How to grow longer, thicker eyelashes

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grow back eyelashes

For anyone who has ever had eyelash extensions and loved them and been clever enough to maintain and get refilled regularly then this isn’t for you. However, if you got them and never got around to refilling them and gradually watched them fall out (your lashes with them ) as they became more sparse and irritating and you grew increasingly frustrated by the long randomly pointing hairs on your lid that you pulled off….. then this is definitely for you

Here comes the science part (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself).

Not everyone knows this but….human hairs grow in three stages. The first stage of eyelashes grow back is known as ‘anagen phase’ which lasts between 30 and 45 days, during which they grow continually without falling off, unless forced to fall off or you pull them off :/. Next up is the second phase, scientifically known as the ‘catagen phase’ . Basically this is a transition stage during which the eyelash has actually stopped growing  and the root is strengthening . This stage lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks and there is no growing back during this stage if they do fall off or are ahem…pulled….sadly you will be without any until this stage has passed.

The third and final stage the eyelash goes through is the ‘tolegen phase’.  During this phase, they will rest for around 100 days without falling. Afterwards, they will start falling off. Even with a slight pull, you will notice the them falling off. If you lose eyelashes at this stage, expect quicker eyelash grow back than the second or first phase since it is part of the normal circle of hair replacement.

Essentially what I’m saying is the amount of time that it will take to grow back is dependent on the stage of growth it was plucked out. In theory this could range anything from a few weeks to a couple of months depending on the stage during which you lost them (in my case pulled out due to complete frustration, irritation and lack of patience – please don’t do this!). So now – HOW DO I GROW THEM BACK ASAP 🙂

Personally my preferred way for longer eyelashes and to have them back quickly is the natural way and in my opinion is just as good. Using oils that you already have as Vaseline (pure petroleum jelly), castor oil, or olive oil. You will rub the oil slightly on your index finger and thumb before applying it carefully without the oils getting into your eyes but massaging into the roots as much as you can. Do this once all remnants of makeup have been removed

And some extra pointers…

  • ld gently pat on them with a cotton pad soaked in a baby oil (it’s brilliant and doubles as a makeup remover and conditioner), avoiding rubbing or pulling at your eyes
  • Never go to bed with your eye makeup on.
  • Do without mascara and eyeliner when possible  to give your eyelashes time to breathe.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible.
  • Avoid using dried out mascara or very old mascara. Mascara should last for about 2 to 4 months and after that, you have to dispose it, even if it looks good.
  • Minimize use of eyelash curlers, especially for people who have delicate ones that break easily.

I hope this was helpful for those of you have gone through a lash hell similar to myself 🙂

Any other tips would be gratefully received so please comment below if you have any!

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How to achieve a flawless, dewy skin finish

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dewy skin makeupI’m not sure if it’s confidence that has come with age or just that I know more about what actually looks good makeup-wise but a light foundation with a gorgeous skin finish is all I ever look for these days. Of course with certain looks for the evening or if going for a vintage feel there is a place for an ultra matt, sculpted face but just not for my daytime. Read More

What is the BEST red lipstick and how do you chose the right one for you?!

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the best red lipsticksRed Lipstick is a force of it’s own and for many an accessory that they refuse to go without, adding instant glamour to any outfit and making a very obvious statement. From Chanel to Rimmel there are dozens of red lippy’s to chose from. For me a blueish red tone will always dictate my choice in a red as we all know it is the most flattering against our pearly whites!

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Demystifying Bronzers: A How to Guide

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bronzersSummer is here in full force, so it is time to use your bronzers to lighten the load in your makeup bag and ensure that you accentuate your newly acquired tan the correct way, without looking orange!

So first thing is first, you need to know that there are a few types of bronzers, which do very different things, so here is your complete guide to getting it  right.

shimmery bronzers1. ) Shimmery Bronzers:

These products are great for use on the beach when you don’t want to use foundation, but you want to even out your skin tone and give yourself a glow all over. Use this lightly all over the face, to give a soft airbrushed finish. Shimmery bronzers are best avoided if you have large pores, so stick to the matte if that is you.

Using a large powder brush swirl it into the product. Tap the excess off, by lightly tapping the brush against your arm. Top tip: Don’t bang it on a table or hard surface as you can damage the coating of your brush and decrease its lifespan. Gently brush all over your face concentrating on the areas that the sun would naturally hit, as you want a natural sun kissed glow. You are ready to go! It is that easy 🙂

matte bronzers

2. ) Matte Bronzers:

Would you like to have that contoured look? Matter bronzers will help to slim the face, make the most of your good features and help to disguise some bad features!

Using a contour brush or small powder brush, swirl the brush in the product and tap off excess as before. Apply the product just under the cheek bones, then blend upwards onto the cheeks, ensuring you blend well. Then apply bronzer along the temple, so essentially this creates a C-Shape on the side of the face. Then contour the nose to slim it down, especially good if you are going to be photographed. Then run the brush under the jawline to define your jaw, you can skip this if you have a strong jaw.

Body Bronzers

3.) Body Bronzers: 

The liquid type are similar to instant tanners, they give you colour, coverage, but with the added bonus of a light shimmer, which boosts your tan and gives a golden glow. The Shimmer Balls are more of a highlighter, which will give you shimmer, but with less bronzing.

Liquid – Ensure you moisturise well before hand. Where a glove and apply all over the body, blend in quickly and in circular motions. Allow to dry then you can put your clothes on. Great for legs on summer days when you don’t want to wear tan.
Powder – Use a large brush and apply all over body, especially down the centre of legs and on decolletage.
Enjoy being a bronzed goddess! Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All the best

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Review :QOD 16 Week Organic Blow Dry Treatment

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QOD hair treatment


First there was the 12 week blowdry , now QOD introduce the next quest for taming the frizz – the organic 16 week blow dry (QOD –stands for Quailty Organic De-Frizzer). The celebrity favored treatment tames to softenen and smooth even the frizziest of locks giving you salon like hair with minimum effort and here in Ireland the lovely Leanne Woodfull has agreed to be the face of the brand. Read More

Review: Tan Organic

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Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil

So far this summer we’ve been pretty lucky with weather. With sunny days appearing from nowhere we have to be prepared for weather appropriate clothing and what better way to be prepared than incorporating a quick and easy tanning regime. I hate fuss and am probably the laziest tanner in the world so anything that is minimum effort with maximum affect makes me a very happy girl. So when trying out Tan Organic’s self tanning oil I was excited about a few things, firstly the fact that they are an Irish brand, how simple it was to use and the organic nature of the product!

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What lip shape are you? – a guide to perfecting your pout!

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coloured lip with macro lens
Hello Ladies,
Lipstick has now become more popular than ever and it seems that anything goes. I for one am delighted as there is nothing more feminine and in some cases bad ass, than a dash of colour. If finding the right colour isn’t near impossible figuring out how to apply it properly can be pretty tough. Both colour and application usually go hand in hand so I’ve chosen some of the main lip types and  a few tips to help you out along the way.

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