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So with Cannes 2015 well and truly over for another year, here are some of the highlights and low lights of the event!

With Canes over what better to do than blog about the event. The highs and lows from red carpet looks to the movie premiers and what bombed!

Some great looks for me on the red carpet have to be, Kendall Jenner in Alaia, Salma Hayek not aging a day and looking as stunning as ever in Gucci. Julianne Moore in Armani. Cheryl looking gorgeous as always in Ralph and Russo. Last but by no means least I loved Natasha Poly in Atelier at the Carol Premiere, the belted ballgown bottom has to grow on you but I love it! Of course  not leaving out the men our handsome Collin Farrell looked as dapper as ever in his suits.


Unfortunately there’s always a couple of fails on the red carpet also, and for me Jane Fonda, and Sonam Kapoor just didn’t hit the mark. Jane Fonda’s dress would have been amazing if the flesh tone cut outs were completely left out of the dress. Well Sonam Kapoors dress I just cant find anything right with it, the dress just swallows her up!

pic monkey red carpet fails

Now onto the movies. With people already talking about Oscars for some movies that showcased at Cannes. The movie “Carol” was one that got people talking about it doing very well at the Oscars. The movie “Son of Soul” sounds like a great chilling movie, but deffo not a light easy watch as its about the Holocaust. With a couple of movies getting booed like the new Mathew McConaughey one “The Sea of Trees” which got booed twice at two press events:-o. Also the movie/documentary “Amy” this one has people talking with mixed reviews. Its documents Amy Winehouse’s tragic life and although her parents were interviewed on camera Mitchell Winehouse (dad) was not impressed. Claiming it shows him in a bad light taking advantage of his daughter (personally I don’t think people needed to see this movie to come up with this impression of him) . The one movie for me that I am very excited about is the new Quentin Tarantino western “The Helpful Eight”, I mean who doesn’t like a good Tarantino movie.

The last of the news from me on Cannes is the “High Heel” saga. With women getting stopped on the red carpet because the heels they were wearing were not high enough, or they were in flats, I mean come on them 6 inch heels are painful!


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