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Bridal Makeup Tutorial Video

Pebbles Eyeshadow Eyeshadow as a base. Urban Eyeshadow all over the lid. Clubbing Eyeshadow for a pop of sparkle on the centre of the eyelid. Hefner Eyeshadow for extra definition. Use perfection eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye and underneath the brow bone.
Use the gel Black Eyeliner along the lashline, flicking your line upwards and outwards to lift and elongate the eye. To make your eyes appear nice and large I recommend using the White Eyeliner Pencil on the waterline to open them up.
Apply a gorgeous set of natural yet fluffy false eyelashes to really set off the look. I recommend putting Mascara on over the lashes as it helps to bind the natural lash to the artificial one and gives a much cleaner and more natural look to the lashes.

Once you have finished the eyes clean up underneath the eyes to remove any fall out from the eyeshadow. This is my top tip for wedding make-up as the camera picks up everything!
Use the Buff Camera Ready Primer to smooth out the skin and prepare it for the base. Apply the HD Foundation in light motions with a brush. If you buff this into the skin well it gives the appearance of an airbrush finish.
Once you have applied the foundation conceal underneath the eyes and any blemishes.
To set your flawless face, a light dusting of the Buff Mineralise Powder is recommended.

Contour the cheeks, jaw and nose for a slimming look. The flash from the camera can leave your face looking very flat, so this step is not to be skipped for Bridal Make-up! Highlight above the cheek bones with the Mineral Icing Sugar, this gives a gorgeous dewy glow. Don’t forget your Melba blusher for a fresh hint of colour.

Finish the look off with a gorgeous natural pink lip look. I pencilled in the outline and centre of the lips with lipliner than applied Nibble Lipgloss which is perfect on most skintones.

Buff Makeup by Paula Callan

Below is the video itself, let me know what you think. If you are getting married soon and would rather not do your own makeup, why not book me for your wedding day. Email me 🙂

Lots of love,


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