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The other night I got to attend the Benefit event for the launch of their new colour range!

A great and interesting night was definitely had by all there. I have to say it was a completely different vibe to what I was expecting. Usually when you think Benefit you think candy floss pink and very girly, well let’s just say that they went the polar opposite the other night! It was great . Low lighting with spots of colourful lights really fit in with their new add campaign for the launch of their new colours.

With a great insight giving to us about the process (don’t worry I won’t bore you with that☺️)  by the wonderful and extremely  funny Mark and of course a demo of the new products, the whole night had the atmosphere of a proper girls night with giggles had all round.

Now down to the products (which I know you have all been waiting for). I know some of you would probably express this face:-/ when you hear beyond blue, beyond purple, and beyond green, but don’t! The colours are amazing, the colourful liners have a darkness too them so even though the pigment is amazing your not going around with neon eyes. Why not change things up from the black . Now I do have to say that the beyond blue mascara is very blue, think 80s electric blue but personally I love it but I don’t think it’s for everyone. The great thing about their new line is that they have finally launched a brown mascara and liner. For me brown and black go hand in hand so it’s about time that the brown is now available


A massive thanks to Benefit for the other night and all the goodies !

“The closer the line, the bigger the eye” #fullcolour

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