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Beauty News Roundup: Yahoo,

The Week In Review Bobbi Brown Joins Yahoo

Here are some of the top beauty stories from around the world this week:

1.) Yahoo is really pulling out all the stops to become heavy hitters in the news and content arena. They have only gone and signed one of the biggest beauty moguls to their books. Yes Bobbi Brown will be joining Yahoo News as the Editor in Chief of Yahoo Beauty. In recent months, Yahoo has been working to put together an all-star editorial team, including Katie Couric, David Pogue, Virginia Heffernan, and Matt Bai—all writers and journalists who are highly respected. Read more on Bobbi’s Blog.

2.) In an exclusive interview with the Irish Independent, Marissa Carter tells how she is selling her first business Carter Beauty, so that she can concentrate on her extremely successful tanning brand Cocoa Brown Tan. You can see the full story on the Irish Independent website.

3.) You may have already seen this on my facebook feed this week, but if you didn’t check out the Veet advertising campaign which has many women in america up in arms. Check out the CBC Website for a really interesting read as well as commentary from twitter users, the non-apology offered by Veet as well as the reaction to the non-apology!

4.) Another company under fire this week is Dove. Women were given beauty patches for two weeks as part of an experiment and then told the whole thing was fake. Their new campaign makes women look gullible and kind of dumb in the name of “real beauty” While some people took to Twitter to praise the brand for telling women they’re beautiful on their own, others found it downright insulting. Check out ABC News for an in depth story.

That is what is happening in the beauty world this week, be sure to check in next Friday for some more fascinating reads from around the world wide web, specially curated for you!

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