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Beauty News: Inglot Creator Dies

Inglot FounderSad news today as I learned that Wojciech Inglot, Polish chemist and founder of the global cosmetics company Inglot, died Feb. 23 at age 57.

It is relatively new to Ireland, but the Polish brand has been around a long time and was an international success with nearly 400 stores in 50 countries.

Inglot died unexpectedly Saturday after suffering internal hemorrhaging, a longtime friend of Inglot’s and associate of the company, Mariusz Ziomecki, told The Associated Press. Inglot was rushed to a hospital in Przemysl, the eastern Polish city where his cosmetics are produced, but doctors were unable to save him.

Inglot was born in Przemysl on June 11, 1955. He studied chemistry at Krakow’s prestigious Jagellonian University. After graduation he began his first chemical manufacturing operation in 1983, when Poland was still under communist rule.

After Poland began its transition to a market economy in 1989, Inglot turned to producing cosmetics, finding success first at home and then internationally with a range of nail polishes, eye shadows and other products. Today the Inglot logo can be seen large-scale at Times Square in New York City and the cosmetics are sold in nearly 400 boutiques and malls in some 50 countries, including at Macy’s.

I hope that his legacy continues on, even though his life was cut short so young. RIP.

*picture and info from http://news.msn.com/

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