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Animal Testing EU Ban

Hello fellow beauty junkies.

This is a great week for all my fellow animal-loving-makeup-wearers! The European Union has finally banned the sale of animal tested cosmetics. This means that all cosmetic products and ingredients in the EU and more importantly outside the EU can no longer be sold here.Testing finished-cosmetic-products on animals has banned in the European Union since 2004, as with animal testing of ingredients since 2009. In addition to these prohibitions, from March 2009 there had been a marketing ban on selling cosmetic products within the EU containing ingredients that have been tested on animals after this date, irrespective of the place of testing. However, because of some very complex tests for which there was no alternative method available (apparently) they were allowed to continue in certain cases until a later deadline the 11th March 2013 which was yesterday! Happy Days 🙂

I thought I would share the following image with you to demonstrate why this is SO IMPORTANT, I really am sorry if you are disgusted by this, but there is just no reason that I can sugar coat what actually happens when companies test on animals.

Animal Testing Horrible Images

I just really feel strongly that it is not necessary to test on animals for the cosmetic industry, I don’t care if it means that the best anti-wrinkle cream or lipstick will never be invented. How we look and the products that we use to make ourselves feel better pale in significance in comparison to the value of an animal’s quality of life.

I would like to give a shout out to the many companies that paved the way against animal testing and that have had it in their ethos from the very start even before it became mandatory. The Body Shop, Urban Decay, ELF and OCC Cosmetics.

ELF Cosmetics Ireland

The-Body-Shop-logo-007urban decay logo

The other good news is that the European Commission is not going to stop there. They intend to continue supporting the development of alternative methods and to engage with third world countries to follow our European approach.

So how do you guys feel about this issue? Is it something that is important to you?

Lots of love,



Stop Animal Testing

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  • makeupmonster1 says:

    So delighted this has finally gone through!

  • Rain says:

    I am so happy to hear that Europe has banned animal testing. I wasn’t aware of how much companies DO test on animals, i can’t even say how bad those people are who are doing terrible terrible things to innocent and beautiful animals out there… seriously my heart cries seeing this happening… i will try my best not to buy from those “brutal” companies and try to buy stuff from those who doesn’t test on animals. we should all take this step to discourage this thing from happening… i am an animal lover i can’t never never see them in extreme pain and suffering… i care for animals <3

  • Emma Farrell says:

    Thanks for commenting. I am the same, love all animals 🙂

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